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An image of a young man in Costa Rica working on homework.
Sep 23 2017

Earning respect through hard work

An image of a young man in Costa Rica working on homework.

Edwin uses a ledge in his home to study.

When Edwin was sponsored through Unbound in Costa Rica at 8 years old, he probably never thought he’d have the opportunity to go to college. He and his family faced challenges that would have made getting an education difficult.

“My life was very complicated because sometimes we did not have money to buy food, school supplies or other basic needs,” Edwin said. “With Unbound, thank God, it has been a blessing in our lives.”
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Youth clean Kenyan market
Aug 28 2013

Youth make market in Kenya shine

CFCA in Kenya

CFCA youth group members in Kenya prepare to clean up the Kangemi market as part of a community service activity.

By Regina Mburu, CFCA communications liaison for Africa

The Kangemi market in Kenya is always a beehive of activity, with sellers chanting continuously to attract customers to buy their wares.

On this particular day, youth from CFCA had come to the market, this time not to buy anything but to clean it up, as the market is dirty and unkempt.

With brooms, rakes, trash bins and dust masks to cover their faces, young people from CFCA’s Maendeleo youth group got busy sweeping and collecting trash.
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Jan 13 2011

A teenager’s view of CFCA

We always encourage people of all ages to learn about the work CFCA is doing in other countries. Some of our most enthusiastic supporters are children and teenagers! Here’s a perspective from Kyle, a high school student.

I learned about CFCA through my mom who works in the international programs department in the CFCA office in Kansas City.

Kyle's perspective of CFCA


My family and I have been sponsoring since 1998 when I was 2 years old. We sponsor five children who live in India, the Philippines, Colombia and Guatemala.

Before we started sponsoring, I did not know much about the countries in which the children live other than they are developing countries.

Most of the people live in poverty, and there are a variety of religions in addition to Christianity, such as Hinduism, Islam, and Buddhism.

My familyís sponsorship has definitely changed my thinking about each country. I have learned there is more to poverty than I realized and the people who live in developing countries do not squander their time and feel sorry for themselves, but live a positive, fulfilling life.

I also have learned that my life is very similar to the lives of the families we help.

We like to play sports such as basketball and soccer, we like to read, and we share the same struggles from school such as homework and exams.

We also have some differences, such as our lifestyle, the types of foods we eat, and our culture. These differences have been fun to discover and have helped broaden my worldview.

Overall, my experience with the CFCA program has allowed me the opportunity to learn many life lessons as well as interesting aspects about culture while getting to know other people across the world.

Other examples of young CFCA supporters:

  • An 8-year-old raised $1,500 to help mothers in Guatemala operate their chocolate-making business.
  • An 11-year-old gave away donations from his birthday to CFCA.
  • Teen Sami Freese makes a case for other teens to sponsor in this video.
Jul 30 2010

Working with teenagers

From the Santo Domingo project in the Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic campWe are concerned about personal development and training for young people and teenagers, who are a vulnerable population and are in constant danger of falling into juvenile delinquency.

Through the Centro Familiar (Family Center), we prepare activities for teenagers that address personal growth, values and respect for life. As part of this program, we have given two workshops this year: career counseling and values and dating. The career counseling workshop involved a personality survey to help the participants see which profession would best suit them.

These two workshops attracted 1,807 teenagers, with some attending from every subproject.

Another activity is a camp we offer every year. Its goal is to make use of the teenagersí free time during vacation for formation activities that focus on personal development. The camps have an educational and formative theme. Various activities are offered such as crafts, visual arts, theater, writing composition, table sports, and racket sports. The camp ends in Santo Domingo with the distribution of participant awards, a medal and a trophy, to each first, second, and third place winner.

Upon reflection, this activityís importance stood out because the teenagers participated in healthy activities during their vacation and distanced themselves from other activities that might have been detrimental to their well-being. Also, they appreciated the involvement of and interaction with teenagers from other subprojects. This interaction is just what we wanted, that CFCA become one big family. We have made an effort so that every teenager can participate in the camps, which we believe will help them in the future to become better citizens.

During the 2009 camp, we had 350 teenagers benefit from the program.

Aug 12 2008

International Youth Day – You can!

Today is International Youth Day – a day designated to draw attention to youth issues worldwide.

Recently, youth from the Kansas City area created this video to share with other teens why it’s important to care about people living in developing countries and why it’s important to help: because teens CAN make a difference.

We hope you enjoy their video!

We can all make a difference. How are you involved in global poverty issues? Let us know!

Jun 23 2008

Scholars rehearsing for concert in Zamboanga

Barclay, left and Xarina playing the kulintangan, a traditional Philippines instrument.

Xarina (foreground) and other CFCA scholar students learned and performed on traditional Filipino instruments for a concert in the jungle surrounding Zamboanga City, Philippines, in January 2008. The concert will be featured in ZAMBOANGA, a documentary film. Visit www.zamboangathemovie.com for more information.

Scholarship students from the Philippines formed a special bond while studying traditional Filipino instruments such as the kulintangan, the dabakan and the agong. The students rehearsed throughout the year for a CFCA concert on Jan. 30 in Zamboanga on the island of Mindanao.

The experience awakened an interest in composing and writing for scholar Xarina, 16. Xarina is featured in the Spring/Summer issue of The Scholar, a CFCA publication that highlights the accomplishments and challenges of students in the CFCA Scholarship Program.

ìI am used to composing in English and Tagalog,î Xarina said. ìNow I am writing in Chavacano [a Filipino dialect]. I am experimenting.î

Hours of rehearsal put a strain on Xarinaís studies, but the hard work paid off.

ìThey did brilliantly,î said Kansas City-based musician Barclay Martin. Martin arranged the concert music and wrote original songs combining traditional Filipino and modern music.

The day after the concert was bittersweet for the students, Martin said.

ìWe played music for each other as a gesture of thanks and to mark a significant life experience for all involved,î he said. ìAs it neared time to leave, members from all of the groups began to laugh, sing and cry out of gratitude for what we had shared.î