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Mar 2 2012

CFCA launches Spanish-language website (CFCA lanza su p·gina web en espaÒol)

CFCA website in Spanish En espaÒol

Para servir mejor a nuestros amigos que hablan espaÒol, °ahora tenemos una versiÛn en espaÒol de nuestro p·gina web! Para tener acceso, simplemente visite nuestro sitio en www.cfcausa.org.

En la parte superior de la pantalla hay una bandera que indica el idioma. Haga clic en la bandera para elegir “inglÈs” o “espaÒol”.

Si usted tiene un navegador en espaÒol, la p·gina web detectar· el idioma y mostrar· la versiÛn en espaÒol de forma autom·tica.

CFCA tiene una fuerte presencia en AmÈrica Latina con m·s de 183.000 amigos apadrinados sÛlo en CentroamÈrica y AmÈrica del Sur. TambiÈn, un 3 por ciento de nuestros padrinos hablan espaÒol.

Y no es raro que muchos de nuestros padrinos, amigos apadrinados y personal de CFCA hablen dos o m·s idiomas.

En nuestra p·gina web en espaÒol, puede manejar su cuenta de apadrinamiento en lÌnea, hacer donativos, escribir eCartas a su amigo apadrinado, asÌ como ver la foto de su amigo y su fecha de nacimiento.

Esperamos que nuestros amigos que hablan espaÒol encuentren muy ˙til esta nueva versiÛn.

øTiene preguntas? Por favor, com˙niquese con nuestro personal de Servicios al Padrino al (800) 875-6564 de lunes a viernes de 8 de la maÒana a 5 de la tarde tiempo central o por email a info@cfcausa.org.

English translation

To better serve our Spanish-speaking friends, we now have a Spanish-language version of our website! To access, simply go to our website, www.cfcausa.org.

At the top of the screen is a flag indicating the language. Click on the flag to choose “English” or “EspaÒol.”

If you have a Spanish browser, the website will detect your language and display the Spanish version automatically.

CFCA has a strong presence in Latin America, with more than 183,000 sponsored friends in Central and South America alone. We also have 3 percent of our sponsors who are Spanish-speaking.

And it’s not uncommon for many of our sponsors, sponsored friends and staff members to speak two or more languages.

On our Spanish-language site, you can manage your online sponsorship account in Spanish, make donations, write eLetters to your sponsored friend and view your friend’s photo and birth date.

We hope our Spanish-speaking friends find this new feature helpful.

Questions? Feel free to contact us at (800) 875-6564 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central time Mondays through Fridays, or email info@cfcausa.org.

Feb 9 2012

Share the good news about our new website features

CFCA sponsor Stephanie and sponsored child Juana in Guatemala

CFCA sponsor Stephanie is pictured with her sponsored child, Juana, in Guatemala while on a mission awareness trip.

A CFCA sponsor, Stephanie, recently hosted a meeting with sponsors in her parish to let them know about two new features on the CFCA website:

  1. Managing your account online, including payments and information specific to your friend’s local program, and
  2. Writing eLetters. An eLetter is not an email, but an easy way for you as a sponsor to write a letter using your online sponsorship account. We then deliver that letter on your behalf.

Could you also help us by organizing a meeting in your church or parish to tell other CFCA sponsors about these new tools?

It’s our hope that at least 12 people will contact us at cfcaoutreach@cfcausa.org and say yes!

Other sponsors’ testimonies

Special thanks to everyone who has sent us feedback concerning the new website features. Here are just a few of your comments:

“Just a short note to tell you how much I like the CFCA website and the ability to write [my friend] with eLetters. Because of this it’s much easier to write him more frequently and I really appreciate having his photo on the screen in front of me. God bless you all.”

“Just want to say a thank you for a job well done with your website (in addition to the work you do with our sponsored children and aging friends). The website allows me to clearly see my sponsorships and educates me about their country/project and lets me see how they are doing. It is also very clear to see when my payments are due and whether my accounts are up to date. I also really love the feature of being able to write them letters twice a year (hope they do arrive to the sponsored people in time). All in all, I have never used a charity website that is so user friendly, transparent and informative. Very good job and I am happy to be part of your team.”

“I just registered for the Manage My Account feature of your website and have successfully sent my sponsored friend a birthday eLetter. This is a very nice feature, although I had to abbreviate my letter to fit your 1300 character limit. I also read about her project, its benefits and programs and services. Please extend my compliments to the people at CFCA who are responsible for these new features.”

We want to hear from you

If you’re interested in hosting a sponsor gathering, we’re more than happy to help. We’ll provide you support and materials, including a personalized insert to promote your meeting in your church bulletin.

Just email the outreach volunteer team at cfcaoutreach@cfcausa.org or call (800) 875-6564.

Thanks so much!

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Aug 17 2011

How to log in to our new CFCA website (video walk-through)

We’re excited to announce new changes to our website, www.cfcausa.org!

Sponsors can now manage their account online through the new “Manage my account” option, the top-right blue button on our website.

When you register for an account, you’ll need your CFCA ID, name exactly as it appears on your account (special characters and all), and ZIP code.

You’ll be prompted to create a username and password. Once you’re set up, you can log in quickly and easily with your username and password.

Watch the screencast below for more details. It’s best viewed in fullscreen mode [click the little square symbol next to the YouTube button]:

Your online account provides you with the following features:

  • Write an eLetter. Not to be confused with email, an eLetter is a message sent to your friend through your CFCA online account, not your personal email address. eLetters are easy, economical and secure.
  • Manage your account. You can pay your sponsorship, donate to special funds, update your address or phone number, view your payment history and print an annual contribution statement.
  • Learn about benefits and services in your friend’s local program. Our staffs in Kansas City and in the field have been working hard to provide information about how much help your sponsorship provides. For example, the detailed descriptions of benefits and services available in your friend’s local program come directly from our overseas staff!
  • View and print your friend’s photo.
  • See your friend’s birth date.

If you need help with your login or navigating these features, our Sponsor Services representatives can assist you. Just call 1-800-875-6564.

Note: As we roll out these changes, our website may be temporarily unavailable. We appreciate your patience!

Sep 10 2010

Welcome to our new website

What do you think of our new website? Our redesign has given it a more updated look, with interactive features and more stories from the field. We invite you to explore it and share it with your friends.

Weíve made your online experience easier to navigate. One of our highlights involves our work, with an interactive map of all the countries CFCA is reaching. You can view photos, videos and stories from around the world.

To keep up-to-date, explore whatís happening. Peruse the latest news and stories, read our blog, view upcoming events and find out how you can meet your sponsored friend on a mission awareness trip. Learn about special events and activities here, with Walk2gether updates, reports on the Zamboanga documentary and more.

Welcome to our new site!

Tell us what you think of our new site!

Details on how to get involved explain ways you can help spread the word about CFCA and participate in our work. View profiles of children, youth and aging friends waiting for sponsorship. Donate to one of our special funds or make a donation in memory of, or to honor, someone special. Finally, learn how you can get involved in CFCA outreach activities in your community.

We included youth resources on the tell others page, another new feature. Anyone interested in teaching young people about global solidarity can check out our quarterly eLessons and curricula. We also encourage you to subscribe to our monthly eNews and other communications to stay connected.

We have a brand new section where you can explore planned giving options. Learn about the latest options for immediate or future giving, including estate gifts, charitable annuities and donations of stocks, bonds and real estate. Create a personalized illustration using the gift planning calculator, and research tools and options using our resource library.

The why sponsor? section helps people who are considering sponsorship learn more about our program, how it works, and its transformative effect. It also highlights reviews about CFCA from others ó charity rating agencies, other sponsors, people who have been on mission awareness trips and more. We invite you to share your own history with CFCA on your blog or website.

Near the top right is a special section for our sponsors, where you can pay your sponsorship, find tips on how to write your sponsored friend, read frequently asked questions and learn how to get more involved with CFCA. We are working on a log-in section that will let you view information about your sponsored friend, see your payment history and manage your account.

The website has been a great tool in raising awareness about CFCA, and weíre excited about this opportunity to provide better service and information to those interested in our work. We hope you enjoy using it, and let us know in your comments what you think.