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Unbound volunteers
May 30 2013

An extra pot of rice

CFCA volunteer

From the CFCA archives: Joe Bergkamp and his wife, Nery.

Sharing the table with those living in poverty brought love to Joe Bergkamp’s life and the adventure of a lifetime.

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Unbound volunteers
Apr 24 2013

We appreciate our CFCA volunteers in Kansas City

CFCA volunteer appreciation breakfast, 2013

Volunteers in our Kansas City office enjoy a breakfast in their honor, with a special performance by singer/songwriter and CFCA staff member Barclay Martin.

The volunteers in our Kansas City office processed more than 1 million letters last year. We thought it was time they deserved a little bacon and egg pick-me-up.

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Unbound volunteers
Apr 23 2013

CFCA honors volunteers for National Volunteer Week

CFCA celebrates National Volunteer Week by highlighting some interesting new ways to spread the word about CFCA. Whether it’s at a cocktail party or climbing one of the world’s greatest mountains, you can share CFCA just about anywhere!

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Mar 26 2013

How do you share CFCA with others?

CFCA volunteers

From left: CFCA volunteers Rafaela, Daniela and Luka Bradvica share CFCA with friends and family. How do you talk about your sponsorship?

Rather than spend a lot of money on advertising, CFCA relies on the enthusiasm of our volunteers and all the other sponsors who informally share what sponsorship means to them.

More than 7,000 volunteers have stepped forward to help spread the word about CFCA among their friends, families and communities.

What are your ways of sharing CFCA with others?

There are so many ways and opportunities to share the work of CFCA. Everyone uses a different approach based on their interests and talents. Thatís why we want to hear what works for you!

Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Here are a few ideas from volunteers to get us started:

  • Eleven-year-old Grace Castillo sells crocheted hair accessories she makes herself to raise funds for CFCA’s Hope for a Family program. At craft fairs, Grace shows those who stop by her table a picture of her sponsored friend, and she talks about how special he is to her family.
  • College Student Daniela Bradvica encourages students in Catholic schools to sponsor a child. She even helps them create classroom bulletin boards that feature the country of their sponsored friend.
  • Clement Ward hosted a movie night to show CFCA’s “Rise and Dream” documentary. He put announcements in church bulletins around town and developed fliers with information about CFCA, including our website.
  • Kristi Sands spreads the word about CFCA’s work through an email signature that appears at the bottom of every email she sends. The signature reads, “Won’t you please consider joining me in sponsoring a child?” and includes a link to her CFCA “My Outreach” page. She goes on to say, “I’ve been a sponsor since 1999, met my girls in Nicaragua in 2011, and have found the whole experience so worthwhile! Since I can’t sponsor them all myself, I’m looking for others who can help.”

Leave a comment and let us know how you share CFCA with others!

Aug 15 2012

Students give part of summer to volunteer

Summertime brings much excitement to students eager to be out of the confines of the classroom. Many vacation with family, work at a summer job or use their time to relax.

Lindsay, a CHWC volunteer

Lindsay Johnson, 18, Catholic Heart Workcamp volunteer, laughs with friends as she prepares the annual CFCA photos for mailing.

Some follow a different path and volunteer their free time to help others in need.

Catholic Heart Workcamp is one organization that offers volunteer programs to youth across America. CHWC offers youth the opportunity to volunteer and help out communities in need.

The program offers one-week and two-week camps aimed at enriching the lives of the participants through volunteering.

Their goal is to motivate youth to continue service work in their own communities.

“We are having a lot of fun, but we are getting a lot of work done,” said Avery Horne, a CHWC group leader.

Avery’s group volunteered their time at CFCA in July to help send out yearly photos of the sponsored children and aging friends to our sponsors.

“It means a lot to the kids that they are helping out the community,” Avery said.

Kids and youth from all over the United States help others through CHWC. They are assigned into different groups and travel to volunteer sites across the country.

“It’s nice to meet people from different areas and get to talk to them and interact with them,” said 17-year-old Eilish, a CHWC volunteer from Wisconsin. “[It’s] beyond cool to be able to do something so awesome, like helping people out. It’s a gift in itself.” Read more

Oct 26 2011

3 ways to explore CFCA volunteer opportunities

Todd Bachamp, CFCA sponsor and volunteer

Todd Bachamp, CFCA sponsor and volunteer.

Sharing your sponsorship experience is a great way to help others get involved in CFCA.

You can make a difference in the life of a child just by telling family, friends and your community what your sponsored friend means to you.

The CFCA Outreach Volunteer Team is here to assist you along the way. We have materials that can help you spread awareness at work, school, church or elsewhere in your community.

Across the United States, more than 4,000 CFCA sponsors volunteer their time to support CFCA events or create their own ideas to raise awareness and invite others to sponsor.

Here are three easy ways you can learn about volunteer opportunities.

  1. Subscribe to our blog to hear volunteer stories and experiences.
  2. Sign up for our volunteer eNewsletter to get quick tips.
  3. Contact cfcaoutreach@cfcausa.org, and we’ll let you know whenever a CFCA event or weekend presentation is in your area.

“I enjoy volunteering for CFCA because I realize the blessings that I have received, and that God calls me every day to share his gifts with others,” says Joy from Walnut Creek, Calif.

Check the blog often for more ways to talk about our Hope for a Family sponsorship program with others and have an impact on our world today!

Feb 15 2011

Make an impact for CFCA in 30 seconds

People want to donate to a worthy cause and often rely on a personal referral to help them choose the charity. A great way for CFCA sponsors to provide that personal reference is through something called an ìelevator speech.î

Volunteers Dick and Daffy Shaw

Volunteers Daffy and Dick Shaw present a sponsorship folder to a friend.

An elevator speech is a message you can deliver in the amount of time it normally takes to ride an elevator between floors ñ about 30 seconds.

Itís a way to gather your thoughts about a cause that is important to you and be prepared to respond to those who want to help.

For example, Maine resident Nancy Hill decided to become a CFCA sponsor because of a 30-second conversation with a FedEx delivery person on a routine stop.

The delivery person casually mentioned her sponsorship and invited Nancy to check out CFCA. Nancy did, and soon afterward became a sponsor.

Take a moment to write a sentence or two answering these three questions:

  • What is the problem?
  • How does CFCA help solve this problem?
  • What can the listener do to help?

This is your elevator speech. Hone it by practicing it aloud until it feels natural and comes from your heart.

You can inspire someone to learn more about the benefits of sponsorship just by mentioning that you are a sponsor. And it only takes 30 seconds of your time!

Example: “Poverty isnít just difficult, itís dehumanizing and doesnít give people the chance to live up to their God-given dignity. Being a CFCA sponsor gives me the opportunity to be part of the solution and gives my sponsored child a chance to live up to their true potential. If you want to be part of the solution, please look at the folders I have and sponsor a child, youth or aging person in need.”

Sample of a message to share in an email†or through social media: “Christian Foundation for Children and Aging is an international sponsorship organization that helps families living in poverty in 22 developing countries.

I am a CFCA sponsor and I really like knowing that my monthly contribution of $30 provides basic necessities for my sponsored friend and family while helping them create a better future.

Helping someone through sponsorship costs less than $1 a day, or the cost of a cup of coffee. If you have ever thought about sponsoring someone in need, I encourage†you to take a look at CFCA by visiting their website at†www.hopeforafamily.org and choosing a child to†sponsor online.”

Want to share your elevator speech with us? We’d love to hear from you! Feel free to comment on this post about how you describe CFCA and its work to your friends and family.

Dec 14 2010

Unique Christmas tree ornaments gain CFCA sponsors

Want to share the good news of CFCA this Christmas season?

CFCA volunteers Stan and Dorothy Hubbard did just that at an alternative gift fair recently. They used a red tablecloth and sign provided by CFCA, but they also went one step further.

After scanning photos of children from the folders we sent them, they made the photo into a matching Christmas tree ornament, which was hung from a tabletop Christmas tree on their table.

Whenever someone signed up for sponsorship, the new sponsor got to take the matching ornament home to hang on their family’s Christmas tree.

CFCA Christmas ornaments

Stan Hubbard operates the gift fair table promoting CFCA.

The children who were sponsored at that fair have just received an awesome gift this Christmas ñ food, clothing and access to education!

Here are Dorothy’s instructions for making your own ornaments featuring your sponsored friend:

1) Purchase inexpensive, clear plastic acrylic ornaments from a local craft store.
2) Remove (carefully) each picture from the respective folder.
3) Duplicate each picture using the “copy” function on a printer (she did 6 pictures to a page).
4) Laminate the pages. (This step may be unnecessary; Dorothy did it to preserve the photo.)
5) Cut out each photo in the shape of a circle.
6) Roll the cut photo into a cylinder shape and insert inside ornament. A bamboo stick can be used to straighten the picture.
7) Tie a red ribbon in a bow and add a small silver bell.

CFCA sponsors, we appreciate your comments! How do you remember your sponsored friends during the Christmas season?

Sep 8 2010

CFCA invites you to take the Hope Challenge

CFCA's Hope Challenge

We have many children, youth and elderly friends waiting for sponsors through CFCA. Weíve promised to do our best to help them, but itís been tough finding new sponsors in the current economic climate.

So how do we answer this challenge? With hope and your help.

We need your help getting the word out to people in your community. Here is what we are asking you to do from Sept. 15 to Dec. 15:

1. Ask us for a sponsorship kit. Contact the outreach volunteer team at 800.875.6564 or cfcaoutreach@cfcausa.org. The kit includes folders (let us know how many youíd like), a CFCA tablecloth, a tabletop sign and a promotional poster. The folders each include a family profile and photo of a child, youth and aging friend waiting for sponsorship, along with information about CFCA.

2. Host a sponsorship table. Where? At your church, civic group meeting or book club gathering ó wherever you find people of good will.

3. Host a sponsorship party. Invite friends and family to your home and introduce them to sponsorship. You can tell them about your own experience and share your pictures and letters received from your sponsored friend.

4. Take this challenge using social media. Pass along the word about CFCA through your Facebook page, blog site, Twitter account and any other social media outlets youíre using.

5. Try. Thatís all we ask. One, two, five or 10 new sponsors make a huge difference when we all put forth an effort!

Dec 9 2008

Meeting Miriam

A sponsor realizes what sponsorship truly means after meeting her friend during a mission awareness trip†in El Salvador, October 2008. This video was created by Annie Winter, a CFCA volunteer in Latin America.