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May 5 2018

Because moms are never alone

Watch our latest video to see why we believe in moms across the world

Sleep is hard to come by. A moment of solitude? Not going to happen. Second-guessing the parenting decisions they make daily? Yes.
Add all that stress to living in poverty — any mom would be overwhelmed.

So how do moms keep their families moving forward? Because they’re master multitaskers. Because they mean business when it comes to setting goals. Because they get the job done no matter what. Because moms are stronger together. #becausemoms

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Unbound scholar Rosaura from Guatemala.
Nov 11 2017

Give Tomorrow: Rosaura’s story

Watch our latest video to learn how your support helps young people build a better future

Students in the countries where Unbound serves are getting a step above the rest through education. They’re making plans for the future and pursuing their educational goals — from secondary school to vocational training to university — and Unbound’s scholarship program is helping them along the way.

In this video, you’ll meet Rosaura in Guatemala. You’ll learn about the hardships of her past, and about her experience as an Unbound scholar and what that means for her future.

“I want to get ahead,” Rosaura said. “I’m giving the best of me because I know nothing is impossible with this scholarship I have.”

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Students are building better futures with the help of Unbound scholarships. When you give to our Education fund, you’re helping them along the way. You’re playing a part in their tomorrow.

Stay tuned this month to learn how our scholarship program helps young people around the world and why it works.

Amanda Heter
Apr 21 2017

Unbound Unscripted

Regional project director for international programs

Watch this edition of “Unbound Unscripted” to meet Regional Project Director Amanda Heter. She and her team in our international programs department serve as a link between our headquarters in Kansas City and sponsored members and local staff in the countries where we work.

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Gene Komer, Unbound receptionist
Matt Young, service center manager

Journey of an Unbound Letter
Feb 10 2017

Journey of an Unbound letter

From Sponsor to Sponsored Friend

Letter writing is an important part of the Unbound program. Letters connect sponsors with their sponsored friends, giving them a chance to learn about each other’s lives and offer encouragement.

But have you ever wondered about the journey your letter takes on its way to your sponsored friend? Watch this video, which illustrates the journey of a letter from a sponsor in the U.S. to her sponsored friend in the Philippines, to get a better idea of the effort and love that goes into delivering each letter.

Visit unbound.org/letters for tips and letter writing ideas.

Unbound's US Outreach Team.
Jan 4 2017

Start the conversation about Unbound!

Helping spread the word about Unbound can be fun and easy. Check out this video to get some ideas and find out who to contact to learn more about telling others about Unbound.

Visit unbound.org/volunteer and start the conversation today!

Nov 23 2016

Unbound is thankful for …

Unbound is thankful for all the support and encouragement sent from our sponsors and donors to families living in poverty around the world. As a community, we’re making a big difference in many lives.

Happy Thanksgiving from Unbound!

May 6 2016

Happy Mother’s Day from Unbound

Throughout our Unbound communities, mothers are at the center of their families. Our mothers groups enable parents to develop creative, practical ideas aimed at generating income and supporting their families. A small contribution to Microfunding can provide immense opportunity for a mom. Donate today.

Nov 6 2015

‘Music is everything’

Carlos practices his cello in the courtyard outside his home.

Carlos practices his cello in the courtyard outside his home.

Walking down Guatemalan streets lined by cinderblock homes with iron sheet roofs, you might not expect to hear the warm, deep tones of a cello playing Bach or the sometimes accompanying lilt of a violin. But, most evenings, if you visit Carlos’ neighborhood, that’s exactly what you’ll hear.

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Florence Wanza
Jun 5 2015

From badly burned to money earned

Designing and creating fashionable jewelry can be challenging, but for Florence it’s the perfect career. Florence was badly burned when she was young, leaving her with little use of her hands. But she doesn’t let her disability define her life. She chose her career, and it’s helping her earn a living for herself and her three children.