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May 7 2010

‘The temperature is getting hotter each day’

Veron Telar, project coordinator of Manila, Philippines, has been walking with Bob and the walk team since Walk2gether left Guatemala. Below, she gives us a little update of how the walk in Colombia is going.

We are resting today (Wednesday). We are doing fine here in Colombia. What a best time to rest: we are at the beach right now. So far we have walked 3,162 km since we began in Guatemala. I am looking forward to walking another 1,000 km until June.*

Normally we get up between 2:30 ó 3:00 a.m., depending on the distance that we have to travel to get to the place where we ended the previous day. We basically end at 5 p.m., but the other day, we started at 3 a.m. and finished at 6:45 p.m.

The temperature here is getting hotter each day, as we are walking close to the ocean. We are now here in Magdalena leading to Cartagena. The last week we walked in La Guajira, and the heat was terrible. It seems that we walked in the desert ó about 100 degrees F. But, we survived.

Tomorrow we will be on the road again. I am refueling myself with the fresh fish and rice that we are having these days. Sir Bob, Ma’am Cristina and the team are absolutely doing fine.

*Editor’s note: Veron will return to the Philippines in June.

Feb 10 2010

A call from the Philippines

VeronWhenever Veron Telar, Manila project coordinator in the Philippines, can access the Internet, she tries to send email updates about Walk2gether to Trisha Pitts, the regional director for the Philippines. Veron is walking through Central America with Bob and the Walk team.

Feb. 6, 2010

Dear Ma’am Trisha,

Thank you for the very inspiring message and for sharing my journey with the CFCA. Thank you also for the appreciation, prayers and support of everyone in Kansas and in the projects.

We are now here in Nicaragua and have finished our first 40 kilometers here yesterday. So far, we have walked 1,051 kilometers after crossing the mountainous 575 kilometers of Honduras. It was a great time walking with the Honduran CFCA sponsored families and staff in the projects. I am privileged to meet my co-coordinators and the rest of each project team.

I deeply appreciate your support to the Manila project team as you are constantly communicating with my team.

We received a call from the Philippines last week during the mission awareness trip to Antipolo. It was really a great joy for me to talk with Ma’am Malou (Antipolo project coordinator) and share with them some of my journey and experiences on the Walk. Sir Bob also gave his message to the Philippines team. I believe they are having a wonderful mission awareness trip.

My prayer is that this year’s trip brings hope, joy and life-giving experiences to the sponsors, CFCA families and to all my co-workers in the Philippines. I am very proud to represent them in Walk2gether, and also all of our co-workers in Kansas and in projects around the world. It is very inspiring to walk, as every co-worker of each project that we have visited has requested me to continue walking for them. I am very thankful and will always be appreciative for this great opportunity provided by my CFCA family.

This is all for now. I will be in touch again in the next few days. I hope my emails do not take most of your time. I just want to tell my experiences in this beautiful journey. I would like to add that the Walk, to me, is a healing process of the many challenges in my personal and work experiences, and I am very hopeful that this will surely be a great success for me and for every CFCA community, co-worker and sponsors, as well.

Thank you very much. My best regards to everyone.