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Apr 9 2013

What’s the best packing/traveling tip you’ve ever heard?

Our most recent Twitter chat focused on international travel, and one part of the chat featured packing and traveling tips that any traveler might find useful. Thanks to our chat participants for sharing these helpful tips!

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Nov 29 2011

Walking with sponsored children

Our “8,000 miles for 8,000 kids” campaign inspired by Walk2gether is close to completion!

However, the ripple effects throughout the communities that CFCA President Bob Hentzen visited along the walk will be continuing for quite some time.

We’re thrilled to share the reflections of three CFCA project coordinators in some of the countries that Walk2gether passed through.

Please feel free to share this video with other people who might be interested in sponsoring children in need.

As of today, we’ve found sponsors for 6,459 children. We’re working hard to reach our original goal of getting 8,000 kids sponsored and asking for your help in meeting it. Who knows, you could help us find a sponsor for the 6,460th child!

#8000kids update: We have the best Twitter followers in the world! Thanks so much to everyone who used the hashtag #8000kids to raise awareness of this campaign and bring hope to people living in poverty.

We actually exceeded our goal of 200 tweets (see our previous blog post about sharing CFCA on Twitter) for the year. Last time we checked, it was 231 tweets and counting!

As a result, at least $231 from generous donors will be given to the CFCA Scholarship Program.

Any more tweets with the #8000kids hashtag from now until the end of the year is just additional icing on the cake!

Nov 1 2011

‘Faces of CFCA’ for November, upcoming Twitter chat

Catarina and Bruce Fontenot, CFCA sponsor

The next “Faces of CFCA” profile picture is up on our Facebook page!

Pictured from left are Catarina, sponsored in Guatemala, and her sponsor, Bruce Fontenot from Louisiana. The Fontenot family has sponsored Catarina since 2007.

Want to submit your photo for the next “Faces of CFCA” profile picture?

We’re hoping for something Christmas-related for December, so if you have any photos with a Christmas or holiday theme, we’d love to see them!

To submit, simply email a .jpg photo file (the higher the resolution, the better) to cfcacommunications@cfcausa.org.

Include your name and your preferred form of contact (phone, email, etc.) in case we have any questions about your submission.

Twitter chat

In other social media news, CFCA is having another Twitter chat at noon Central time on Nov. 7.

This month’s topic will have a Thanksgiving-related theme about things we’re grateful for but can sometimes take for granted.

Updated Nov. 8 – Read the highlights: “What are you thankful for but often take for granted?” on Storify

Thanks again for your support!

Sep 8 2011

Could you help us in our Twitter chat?

CFCA is having another Twitter chat at noon Central time on Sept. 12.

This month’s topic will be about the upcoming “Shine a Light” benefit concert at The Theatre in the Park, Shawnee, Kan.

Barclay of Barclay Martin Ensemble, one of the performers, will be chatting with us.

We’d love to ask him reader-submitted questions about the concert.

If you want to submit a question ahead of time, simply tweet to @CFCA and use the hashtag #cfcachat.

Or if you’re not yet active on Twitter, you can also email your question to us at cfcacommunications@cfcausa.org.

Thanks so much!

Jul 12 2011

An explanation of Unbound social media policy

We love social media at Unbound!

Through our blog, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages, we get to share and discuss stories from sponsors and sponsored friends around the world.

CFCA social media policy

While social media is a wonderful tool for building community, Unbound has set boundaries when it comes to social media communication between sponsors and sponsored friends.

We take the protection and privacy of our sponsored friends and sponsors very seriously, which is why we don’t allow sponsors and their sponsored friends to be in direct communication through social media.

Just as children and adults in the U.S. are made aware of the risks of social media and other types of Internet communication, we want children and families in our program to have the same awareness and protection.

To ensure that all communications with sponsored children and elderly are appropriate, and also to protect the privacy of our sponsors, our field staff monitors all correspondence. That’s why letter writing is currently the only approved form of communication between sponsors and sponsored friends. You have the option of writing eLetters to your sponsored friend when you register online at Unbound.org.

If you’re a sponsor, it’s important that you don’t contact your sponsored friend through Facebook, Twitter, Skype, email or any other direct communication.

If your sponsored friend attempts to contact you or sends you a “friend request” on Facebook, don’t accept it or enter into any kind of direct communication. You are our partners in helping us keep everyone safe.

If you’re sponsored through Unbound, it’s important that you don’t contact or look for your sponsor through social media channels. Contacting or trying to contact them is against our rules and could place your sponsorship in jeopardy.

If you’re sharing about sponsors or sponsored friends on social media, please refer to them by first name only and by his or her country without naming a specific city, school, etc.

We know that many of you already know our social media policy and abide by it. Thanks so much for your understanding and continued cooperation.

As the use of social media expands, however, we want to remind our readers of our policy and the important reasons behind it.

Questions? We always enjoy hearing from you, so feel free to comment below. Thanks again!

Mar 14 2011

Help CFCA spread the word through Twitter

Update Dec. 29, 2011: Thanks to all our loyal Twitter followers who used the #8000kids hashtag to raise $243 for CFCA scholarships! We beat our original goal of $200 for the entire year. Way to go!

Many of you are already supporting our efforts to help CFCA President Bob Hentzen reach his goal of 8,000 kids sponsored during his 8,000-mile solidarity walk. We can’t thank you enough!

The CFCA social media team is now hoping to harness Twitter as a tool for spreading the word about Bobís goal and Walk2gether.

For every tweet with the hashtag #8000kids (that doesn’t come from us), donors will contribute one dollar to fund CFCA scholarships for students to complete their education.

We’re hoping to get at least 200 tweets with the hashtag #8000kids ñ that’s up to $200 for scholarships!

While raising money for scholarships is one of the goals of our initiative, our primary goal is to utilize Twitter to tell more people about CFCA and Bobís walk to help children living in poverty.

Do you use Twitter? If not, do any of your friends and family members? Here are some suggested tweets to send, or compose your own using the #8000kids hashtag to start spreading the word. Thanks so much.

  • Half the world’s children live in poverty. Bob, 75, walked 8,000 miles to help them. http://on.fb.me/8000miles #8000kids
  • Did you know a guy walked 8,000 miles at age 75 to help kids in poverty? Check it out! http://on.fb.me/8000miles #8000kids
  • A 75 y.o.† walked 8,000 miles to help kids in poverty! Learn more: http://on.fb.me/8000miles #8000kids
Jan 21 2011

Have you noticed the “Share” feature on our website?

Share feature on CFCA website

We’re pleased and proud to give you the option to share our news, stories, videos and podcasts with your friends and family on several online and social media channels.

In the screenshot above from our “Stories” page, you can see the share feature highlighted in red.

Just click on any icon as needed ñ the envelope for email, or the Facebook and Twitter icons.

Thanks for all your support, and for sharing your CFCA experiences with others.

We spend only 2.8 percent of our total revenue on fundraising. Most of the time people hear about us through word of mouth or, as in a growing number of cases, through social media.