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Mar 7 2012

Lenten reflection: Checking our spiritual ‘GPS’

CFCA preacher Tom SingerEvery Wednesday throughout Lent we will post a reflection on the upcoming Sunday readings. We hope these help you on your own Lenten journey. This weekís reflection was written by CFCA preacher Father Tom Singer, O.M.I.

The first reading for the Third Sunday in Lent, along with the psalm, amount to “a spiritual GPS” for us: directing us on the right road.

Are we listening or stubbornly going our own way? Or, as we approach the midway point of Lent, is it time for us to “recalculate?”

It’s not too late for us to pray that God becomes our life’s GPS, our guiding force.

The reading from Exodus begins by proclaiming God’s clear and forthright introduction, “I, the Lord, am your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, that place of slavery.î

God is gracious and wants the best for us ó reminding us that, indeed, God is on OUR side. Read more