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Oct 5 2011

Sponsorship = ‘meeting someone from a different place’

CFCA sponsor Sophie Samson

Sophie Samson

Fourteen-year-old Sophie Samson of Osseo, Minn., sponsors Linda, a girl her age in Kisumu, Kenya.

Sophieís parents pay for the sponsorship, but Sophie writes the letters, said her mother, Toni Samson.

Sophie has always been a compassionate person, so Toni wasnít surprised when one Christmas, Sophie asked to sponsor a girl her age instead of asking for material gifts.

Compassion runs in the Samson family. Sophieís 11-year-old brother is thinking he may sponsor a child, too, Toni said.

With Sophieís support, Linda receives educational support, health care and participation in Christmas and birthday celebrations.

Questions for Sophie: Why did you choose to sponsor Linda?

I wanted to help someone who is less fortunate than me.

Describe your correspondence relationship. Do you exchange letters often, occasionally or seldom? Does Linda write good letters?

I try to write as often as possible, but it takes awhile to receive letters since we live so far apart. We write about every other month. Linda writes good letters. She usually tells me about her family, tennis, and school.

How do you feel knowing your support has given Linda the opportunity to play tennis and discover her amazing talent?

I think itís awesome. I am very proud of her, and I hope she continues to play tennis for a long time.

Have you met Linda in person? Have you considered meeting her on a CFCA mission awareness trip?

I havenít met Linda in person, but I would like to someday. I think it would be really cool to go on a mission trip, so maybe sometime soon I can go.

Is there anything you would like to share about Linda or sponsorship?

I have had a good experience with sponsorship, and I would encourage other people to try it out. Itís a great way to help someone out and meet someone from a different place in the world.

I think it is a really great opportunity for the person being sponsored and for the person who is sponsoring.

Note: Linda is a talented tennis player. Read more about her story.