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Jan 15 2011

More submissions for a free CFCA desk calendar

Recently we invited our blog readers to take advantage of an opportunity to receive a free 2011 CFCA desk calendar by sharing their sponsorship story with others.

Thanks to the seven people who submitted comments to our CFCA blog and won a calendar. We still have a limited number of calendars left, so feel free to submit other comments or blog posts for us and†let us know!

First comment:

Tom writes: “Bob, you continue to amaze me!!! Itís good to read your posts and to know that you are still on the march and still championing for the poor! god Bless you! Tom Zidon with sponcered children in Nicaragua.”

Second comment:

Carolyn writes: “It is snowing and blowing today in Kansas, but I am safe at home. From my cozy spot, I can only be amazed at the strength and fortitude that keeps you and the other walkers on the high road. God speed! I pray you have hot dinner and a warm bed each night!”

Third comment:

Theresa writes: “WOW! cannot imagine the stamina that it takes to hike up so high, but so close to heaven..as the song goes and encouragement for the remainer of your journeyÖ.îmay HE lift you up on eagles wings, bear you on the breath of dawn and make you to shine (for the world to see) like the sun and hold you in the palm of ìHISî hand. Blessings and grace to continue with and under the power of GOD! Theresa Howard, Alajuela Costa Rica”

Fourth comment:

Merton writes: “It is difficult to listen to you being out of breath because of the altitude. I know that God is with you and all the others and you are in my prayers. I can only imagine what it has been like along the route. God bless you!!!”

Fifth comment:

Lisa writes: “Wow, God is good. I sponsored a 14 year young man while I was on our trip to Merida. :) :)”

Sixth comment:

Margaret writes: “Thank you for your inspirational message. I have sponsored children in Guatemala for almost 20 years, and I appreciate learning more about its geography (your description was beautiful) and the broader effect of our sponsorship dollars. God bless you and everyone throughout the world who is seeking to regain his/her self -esteem.”

Seventh comment:

Margaret L. writes: “What a wonderful article. You captured the heart of sponsorship. My husband and I just returned from Bolivia, where we visited one of our sponsored children. A CFCA misson awareness trip is the icing on the cake of CFCA.”