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Oct 5 2009

Second typhoon misses major cities

Typhoon Parma, the second typhoon in a week to hit the Philippines, followed a northward path, avoiding a direct hit to the capital, Manila. Though the existing flood waters in Manila swelled even higher because of the heavy rains from Parma, there were no reports of damage or injury so far from CFCA projects or families in the north.

Despite the storms, the Filipino spirit cannot be dampened.

“These calamities test the resiliency of the Filipinos in facing problems,” said Gari Olavario, coordinator of the Legazpi project. “I’m so touched and proud of my countrymen. Each one of us is compassionate, helpful, kind, which is enough to ease the pain and sufferings of the affected families.”

For more detailed update, please read this article.

Sponsors and others wishing to help may donate to CFCAís Disaster Assistance Fund. One hundred percent of donations to this fund are sent to CFCA projects to help individuals and families affected by disasters. Funds donated are used where they are most needed.

We ask that you continue to keep in your thoughts and prayers the Filipino people affected by these storms.