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Sep 9 2011

How can I make Christmas special for my sponsored friend?

Ask Sponsor ServicesQ. How can I make Christmas special for my sponsored friend?

A. You can write a special message related to Christmas to your sponsored friend, perhaps with a family photo or card.

(A new feature this year is to send an eLetter once you’re logged in to your online sponsorship account!)

Another option is to donate to the CFCA Christmas Fund.

One hundred percent of your donation goes to provide Christmas celebrations and gifts for all children and aging friends in the CFCA program. Many of our projects also include families of sponsored members in the festivities.

Donating to the CFCA Christmas Fund is a very special present and is easy to do. Donate online, call Sponsor Services at (800) 875-6564, or use your remittance form from your sponsorship receipt.

Jun 3 2011

Why isn’t my sponsored child smiling in photos?

Ask Sponsor ServicesQ. My sponsored child isn’t smiling in photos. Are my contributions making a difference in his/her life?

A. Smiling for a photo is learned behavior. American children, subjects of a thousand photos by the time they are 5 years old, know to smile when they are in front of a camera.

But sponsored children may only have their picture taken once a year for their CFCA sponsor. That is probably the only time they are photographed. Therefore, having their picture taken is serious business.

Look at the early photos of your own parents, grandparents and great grandparents – no one is smiling. It took a lot of photos before the photographers learned to say, “Smile!” and the subjects to say, “Cheese.”

Jan 7 2011

How do I know when to pay my sponsorship since I donít get a bill?

Ask Sponsor ServicesQ. How do I know when to pay my sponsorship since I donít get a bill?

A. CFCA does not mail a standard monthly statement. We send a receipt or a reminder notice.

CFCA mails you a receipt for your contribution. This receipt indicates the amount that was received and the due date for your next sponsorship donation. At the bottom of the receipt is a tear-off remittance form that you can use to mail in with your next contribution. For your convenience, a return envelope is provided.

If you happen to miss your sponsorship due date, we will mail you a reminder. Sponsors who contribute for multiple months also receive reminders as a courtesy prior to their due dates. The reminder includes the same tear-off remittance form to include with your next contribution.

We also have an Automatic Payment Plan, where the money is automatically taken out of the bank account or credit card you want to use. It is safe, secure and reduces our costs.

Please feel free to call Sponsor Services at (800) 875-6564, weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central time, if you have any questions about your sponsorship.

Dec 3 2010

Why is my sponsored child pictured in worn clothing?

Ask Sponsor ServicesQ. My childís photo shows him with a frayed shirt and tattered shoes. Isnít clothing one of the benefits of sponsorship?

A. Yes, clothing is one of the benefits of sponsorship, and many projects provide new dress clothes for sponsored children, youth and aging members each year.

Some of the quarter million photos we process each year, however, show children in worn clothing. The reason could be as simple as the child forgot to tell his mother that tomorrow was CFCA picture day.

Most mothers want their children to be photographed in a nice outfit, even if that clothing is borrowed from a neighbor, or is the only dress clothing they own.

Keep that in mind if your child is photographed wearing an exceptionally fine outfit. It may be one of the few times of the year he or she dresses so well.