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Aug 9 2012

CFCA scholars in Colombia share talents with community

By Harrison Garcia, CFCA communications liaison in Bogota, Colombia

CFCA-Colombia scholars

CFCA scholars Ingrid and Samuel plan their workshops at their local CFCA office.

A scholarship means a lot for a youth who wants to continue getting an education.

The CFCA project in Bogota has 14 scholarship students who want to give back after the support they’ve received from CFCA.

We recently chatted with two of them, Ingrid and Samuel, and heard about their hopes and dreams for the future.

After years of sponsorship, both these youth were selected to receive a CFCA scholarship in addition to their sponsorship.

Ingrid, 21, a CFCA scholar

I am learning to be a sports teacher at the National Pedagogic University in Bogota. For me, sponsorship is great and really changed my life. Read more