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Jul 22 2011

‘Amazing grace’ of a mission awareness trip

Ron Bliss sent us this testimony of his mission awareness trip to Guatemala. He decided to take the trip after receiving a cancer diagnosis and eventually going into remission. His story is amazing, and we’re honored to share excerpts of it with you.

Ron Bliss, CFCA sponsor, and Elida in Guatemala

Ron Bliss visits his sponsored friend, 8-year-old Elida, in Guatemala.

For the past five years or so I have sponsored two needy children through the Christian Foundation for Children and the Aging (CFCA) ñ a young man in Nicaragua and 8-year-old girl in Guatemala.

I thought of a mission awareness trip (MAT) to see one of my sponsored children, but have always found some reason to say, “Not this year … maybe next.”

Well, I think the good Lord gave me a wake-up call with the cancer diagnosis!

One year ago I was in Arizona, facing the fifth of six chemotherapy treatments to combat a rare type of lymphoma cancer in the lungs.

A PET scan showed the tumors had shrunk and the cancerous activity appeared low, but still there. We returned to our home in Washington to wait until my next PET scan.

Days later I experienced the same symptoms as when I received the cancer diagnosis. I was running a temperature every day and experiencing night sweats.

My wife, Vonnie, and I rescheduled my PET scan for an earlier date.

During my illness I was blessed with prayers from around the country and as far away as Europe and Japan. Before my scan, I received special blessings from Holy Spirit Parish. Father Auve visited me twice, brought communion and prayed for my complete healing.

The day before we left, my daughter, Nicole, said her friend Megan wanted to give me something.

Over a year ago Megan had received two crucifixes that had been blessed in Medjugorje during one of the Holy Mother’s appearances there.

The man who gave them told her to give one to her mother, who was suffering with cancer.

He told her she would know when to give the second one to someone else in need.

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