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Apr 3 2012

Young CFCA sponsor has big impact at religious education congress

By Carlos Casas, public relations manager for CFCA

I recently got the opportunity to help represent CFCA at the 2012 Los Angeles Religious Education Congress in Anaheim. The event is sponsored by the Office of Religious Education, a department of the Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles, and is said to be the largest yearly gathering of its type in the world.

CFCA sponsor Daniela Bradvica

Daniela in the CFCA booth at the 2012 Los Angeles Religious Education Congress.

We regularly travel to national conferences to raise awareness of CFCA and our Hope for a Family sponsorship program, but having never attended this event, I was not sure what to expect.

Throughout the conference, the CFCA team interacted with clergy and staff members from various Catholic groups and organizations. We also met several vendors and others participating in the conference and discussed ways to increase awareness of CFCA’s work.

The best part for me, however, was meeting many current sponsors and hearing about the impact sponsorship has had on their lives.

One of these sponsors was Daniela Bradvica, a 19-year-old college student who has taken it upon herself to encourage young students to grow in their faith through sponsoring a child in need.

Daniela is trying very hard to launch a program for Catholic elementary schools to participate in sponsorship. It would encourage classrooms to sponsor a child in order to teach students about the Gospel call to serve people living in poverty, and to give them the opportunity to learn about a new culture through their sponsored friends.

Like many great ideas, Daniela’s has encountered some obstacles, but she continues to push forward with great enthusiasm and conviction.

I scheduled time while in the Los Angeles area to attend a meeting with Daniela at a local school to help promote her initiative.

Daniela was given less than 20 minutes to present her idea, and from the beginning it was clear that the school representatives had all but made up their minds that this program was not for them. Read more

Jul 8 2011

A slideshow of CFCA sponsors and their friends

We were recently at Los Angeles for the 2011 Religious Education Congress, sponsored by the Office of Religious Education, a department of the Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

This conference is the largest annual gathering of its kind worldwide. About 40,000 attend annually, and we were privileged to attend and explain how CFCA can help make a difference regarding global poverty.

CFCA set up a booth at the conference, and many sponsors stopped by to say hello. We compiled this quick slideshow of their pictures, as well as pictures of the friends they sponsor. Enjoy!