Tag: Recycling

Aug 24 2012

Good news around the CFCA world

Just a few of the awesome ways that sponsored children, aging friends and their families are serving as agents of change in their local communities!

1) Recycling efforts in southern Guatemala

Recycling in a CFCA community in GuatemalaA CFCA community of approximately 1,800 sponsored friends has had great success with a recent recycling initiative.

In just two months they were able to raise $1,100 from picking up and recycling plastic bottles!

Omar Tojin, a CFCA staff worker in this community, said that 90 percent of all the sponsored friends in the program are participating.

The money raised from the recycling initiative goes to buy wheelchairs for sponsored children and elderly who have special needs.

2) Eco-stoves in Suyapa, Honduras

By the end of August, 195 families in Suyapa, Honduras, can breathe easy, thanks to 195 brand new eco-stoves being built by CFCAís Suyapa project.

What’s an eco-stove, you might ask? Great question! Read more