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Apr 23 2012

How culturally aware are you? Take our quiz to learn more!

Unbound is an international organization that serves sponsored children, youth and the elderly in 21 developing countries.

Our Kansas City staff traverses the globe to monitor and support our programs, and they put together this informal quiz about different cultures and their traditions.

Take time to answer each question before scrolling down to see the answer. Give yourself one point for each correct answer. There are 12 questions total.

Bathroom scaleWe can’t guarantee that taking this quiz will increase your “cultural awareness quotient,” but it’s almost certain to raise your “enjoyment factor!”

1) People say that you “have a lot of weight.” It’s actually a compliment, though you may not feel that way. You’ve traveled to … ?

  • Uganda
  • Central American countries, and some African countries
  • Pretty much any country outside the Western world
  • Philippines, Ecuador and Mexico See the answer!