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Feb 6 2012

Celebrating quinceañera with CFCA

The quinceañera, or 15th birthday, in Latin America is the day when a girl celebrates the transition from child to young woman.

Celebrating the quinceañera traditionally involves many components, including a Mass or religious ceremony, a reception and a choreographed dance, usually a waltz.

For many 15-year-olds living in poverty, however, celebrating a quinceaÒera is an unattainable dream. The celebration, including the dress, cake, music and food, can cost much more than families can afford.

Sponsorship can help make this dream, like so many others, become a reality.

CFCA recently invited 18 sponsored girls in El Salvador to celebrate their quinceañeras. Each girl received a beautiful, blue dress, and CFCA made arrangements for the Mass and reception afterward.

Many thanks to our talented team in Santa Ana, El Salvador, for putting this video together!