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An image of a group of preachers who serve Unbound.
Aug 28 2017

After a lifetime of service, they want to do more

Unbound preachers gather in Kansas City

An image of a group of preachers who serve Unbound.

Unbound preachers gather for the annual preachers conference at the Unbound HQ in Kansas City.

By Larry Livingston, senior writer/editor

Last week a group of Catholic priests who travel around the country to preach on behalf of Unbound were at our headquarters in Kansas City for their annual conference. Every summer they join together as a community for a few days of learning and fellowship, and to share stories of their adventures traveling to parishes throughout the U.S.

For those of us who work in Kansas City, this is one of our favorite times of the year. It’s our opportunity to thank them for all the times they drove seven hours to get to that small town in the middle of nowhere in time for Saturday confessions, or spent the night at Gate 23 at DFW because their originating flight was canceled in Philadelphia.

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Oct 7 2016

With gratitude for our Unbound preachers

By Larry Livingston, senior writer/editor

My original job when I first came to Unbound involved working with the priests who travel the U.S., preaching in churches to help us find new sponsors. A few years ago I was traveling from Kansas City to Dallas to support Father Anthony Nguyen, who was preaching for Unbound for the first time that weekend. Father Anthony would fly in shortly from California, where he lived, and we would drive together to the parish we were visiting in southern Oklahoma.

As I walked around the airport waiting for Father Anthony’s flight to arrive, I was surprised to see Father Cyrus Gallagher, another Unbound preacher. He was traveling from Denver, where he lived, to a church in Washington state, and was hurrying to make his connecting flight. We greeted each other briefly and on he went.

Not two minutes later, while still thinking about the coincidence of running into an Unbound priest at the Dallas airport, who should I see but yet another of our preachers, Father Marty Holler, getting off the tram from a different terminal. Father Marty, who lives in Ohio, was traveling to preach at a church in Indianapolis.

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Jun 8 2009

Holy Spirit, breathe on the CFCA community

By the CFCA Prayer Team

On June 8 and 9 the preachers and presenters of CFCA gather at our headquarters in Kansas City for our annual Preachers Conference. The conference is designed to build community, share the work being done in our overseas projects, and energize our preachers and presenters to go forth and spread the good news of CFCA sponsorship across the U.S. On June 10 the CFCA governing board will convene and work hard to give guidance and encouragement to CFCA all over the world. Please take a moment to pray for our CFCA preachers, presenters and board members.

Please pray:
Gracious God, you have created a beautiful and powerful movement in CFCA that desires nothing more than to do your will. Please surround and guide the preachers, presenters, staff and board of CFCA so that individually and collectively we may all work together to serve the poor of this world. We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.


CFCA Prayer Team

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