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Jul 2 2010

A prayer for freedom

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As Americans prepare to celebrate Independence Day, let us remember those around the world who struggle daily for another kind of freedom: economic freedom.

In CFCA communities around the world, individuals are making sacrifices every day to achieve economic freedom. They are hungry for opportunity and will make heroic efforts to improve life for their families instead of remaining imprisoned by poverty. They walk great distances, study long hours and engage in backbreaking work. They are living examples that the human spirit burns brightly, even in the bleakest of circumstances.

Please pray
Dear Lord, help us to see the blessings and freedoms we enjoy and not take them for granted. Keep ever present in our minds the pleas of our brothers and sisters struggling to break free from poverty. Send your Spirit to work through us to help others develop their talents and become self-reliant. Keep this fire of struggle alive in our hearts until all your people are free from poverty. Amen.


CFCA Prayer Team

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Nov 26 2009

A Thanksgiving prayer

By the CFCA Prayer Team

Gracias Ö Salamat Ö Asante … Thank you. At CFCA, gratitude is expressed in many languages and for many reasons.

This Thanksgiving, we give thanks for the worldwide CFCA community: a spirited movement consisting of sponsored children, youth and elderly, their heroic families, generous sponsors and donors, courageous and dedicated field staff, committed employees and volunteers.

Thank you for your faith in our mission, for sharing your gifts and for walking with us as we build a better world that recognizes the dignity of all God’s children.

Please pray:
O God, look with compassion on the CFCA family; continue to unite us in bonds of love; lead us to accomplish your purposes on Earth so that all may share in your generous bounty; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


CFCA Prayer Team

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Thank you, dear sponsors

Jun 8 2009

Holy Spirit, breathe on the CFCA community

By the CFCA Prayer Team

On June 8 and 9 the preachers and presenters of CFCA gather at our headquarters in Kansas City for our annual Preachers Conference. The conference is designed to build community, share the work being done in our overseas projects, and energize our preachers and presenters to go forth and spread the good news of CFCA sponsorship across the U.S. On June 10 the CFCA governing board will convene and work hard to give guidance and encouragement to CFCA all over the world. Please take a moment to pray for our CFCA preachers, presenters and board members.

Please pray:
Gracious God, you have created a beautiful and powerful movement in CFCA that desires nothing more than to do your will. Please surround and guide the preachers, presenters, staff and board of CFCA so that individually and collectively we may all work together to serve the poor of this world. We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.


CFCA Prayer Team

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Feb 2 2009

Their love shines through

Maria and Miguel offer us a moving example of love and devotion in marriage. The Salvadoran couple has been together more than 58 years. Their union is celebrated in this weekís Prayer Partners on the beauty of marriage.

They share a glimpse of their relationship in this video:

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Dec 3 2008

A moment of reflection with Prayer Partners

By Sponsor Terrie Watkins

As so many of us, my daily life is hectic and distracting. When I received the invitation from CFCA for Prayer Partners, it sounded appealing. What I didn’t expect was that I would be so moved and impressed with the prayers.

They take me out of my daily “busyness” and bring me to a moment of reflection and communication with the Lord that is all too often neglected. It has provided a talking point with my family, as I can read the prayers at dinner and share the message. I am eagerly looking forward to continuing this communication. Thank you!

ppemail2Prayer Partners†began in August 2008†to provide a doorway into the CFCA projects. These weekly e-mails offer a prayerful way to support the CFCA community†and hopefully, to also enhance your own spiritual life. Prayer Partners is delivered on Mondays, and you can sign up to receive the e-mails on our†Web site.