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Nov 24 2015

Elder hopes Kenya’s powerful hear pope’s message

Alice, a sponsored elder in Kenya.

Alice, a sponsored elder in Kenya.

When Pope Francis visits Africa Nov. 25-30, sponsored elder Alice in Kenya will be among the faithful hoping to see him.
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Jan 20 2012

May we pray for you?

CFCA sponsored children pray in El Salvador

Edwin and Natali pray together in El Salvador. Both are sponsored through CFCA.

Sponsored children and aging friends around the world pray for their sponsors. At CFCA offices we pray for you, too.

Every day, in the morning and just before lunch, a bell rings at our CFCA headquarters in Kansas City.

The bell signals a call to pray, and a group of staff members puts aside work for a few minutes to gather in prayer for CFCA sponsors, sponsored friends and others in our community.

If you have an intention you’d like us to pray for, we’d be honored to include it in our prayers.

Simply enter your request at https://www.unbound.org/pray. Note: These prayers are offered in our chapel and are not shared publicly.

Thank you for being a part of our worldwide community of compassion and hope.

P.S. We have a weekly Prayer Partners email that features prayer requests for the CFCA community around the world. If you’re interested in praying with us, please check the box requesting to receive a weekly prayer when you submit your prayer request.