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Jul 5 2011

And the CFCA caption contest winner is …

CFCA caption contest: Plenty of pineapplesThanks to all who submitted a caption entry in our contest!

Our talented panel of judges (a.k.a. CFCA employees) has selected a first-place and second-place winner.

To keep things impartial, the judges heard the caption only when they were judging and not the author’s name.

Honorable mentions:

  • “The fruits of a united CFCA family towards a self-sustainable life.” ñ John Mary Ategeka
  • “The team readies for the annual pineapple eating contest!” ñ Brenda Williams

Second-place winner:

“After rounding up the renegade pineapples, these skilled workers can finally make a delicious pineapple platter.” ñ Sarah

And the one that won, based on the most votes:

(drum roll please)

“Watch as I show you how to take this pineapple in my hand and put it in this can-unbelievable!” ñ Marci Stone

Marci and Sarah will receive a handy, eco-friendly, reusable CFCA grocery bag and appreciation from the general CFCA community. Congratulations!

As a side note, this photo was taken by Dan Pearson, CFCAís director of international operations, when he was in Guatemala visiting a CFCA livelihood project.

The men in the picture all have ties to CFCA ñ sponsored, formerly sponsored, CFCA scholars or relatives of sponsored members. They make jam from pineapples to help provide income for their families.

Jun 22 2011

CFCA caption contest: Plenty of pineapples

CFCA caption contest: Plenty of pineapples

Warm and sunny temperatures, delicious pineapples … they can only mean one thing.

A CFCA caption contest!

How would you describe the action going on in this picture? Share with us your clever caption by adding a comment below.

(Hereís a refresher on our guidelines ñ we donít accept offensive or inappropriate comments, profane or abusive language.)

Please submit all your captions to us by noon CST on Wednesday, June 29.

A team of qualified panelists (a.k.a. CFCA employees) will then select and announce the winning caption in early July. The winner will receive a prize of a CFCA grocery bag as well as recognition from the general CFCA community.