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Dec 30 2013

Our top 5 blog posts of 2013!

You clicked, we tallied.

To say goodbye to 2013, we’ve brought you the top five CFCA posts published this year. Read more

Sponsored child in Peru
Oct 14 2013

Are there ways to support Unbound beyond sponsorship?

Unbound sponsored child Nathaniel, who prefers to be called Nati, near her home in Lima, Peru.

Unbound sponsored child Nathaniel, who prefers to be called Nati, near her home in Lima, Peru.

Q. How can I help you in your mission to serve those in poverty, beyond sponsoring a child or elderly person?

A. Although Unbound’s focus is the one-on-one relationship developed through sponsorship, we have many different funds and initiatives that support our work.
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Unbound Awareness Trips
Oct 7 2013

Sisterly love: 9-year-old sponsor meets her Salvadoran sponsored friend

CFCA sponsored friend Blanca, left, and her sponsor Kendall, right, in El Salvador.

CFCA sponsored friend Blanca, left, and her sponsor Kendall, right, in El Salvador.

CFCA sponsors come in all ages. Take 9-year-old Kendall, for example. She recently went on an awareness trip to El Salvador to meet her sponsored friend Blanca.

Although Blanca and Kendall don’t speak the same language, they didn’t have any problems communicating. They shared and played together in the universal language of friendship.

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Hindu temple build for Kumbh Mela in India
Sep 26 2013

{Pretty, happy, funny, real} in India

~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~

Every Thursday the Like Mother, Like Daughter blog invites bloggers to post four pictures – pretty, happy, funny and real – and give a little context for each picture.

So here’s {phfr} in India at the CFCA blog:

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Caption contest
Sep 9 2013

CFCA’s 10-week photo caption contest!

CFCA caption contest

We recently reached our goal of 10,000 likes on Facebook! Woohoo!

To celebrate, we’re going to hold a caption contest for the next 10 weeks on Facebook.

Put your thinking cap on because you could win some great prizes!

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Sponsor a child
Aug 30 2013

7 ways to stay connected

CFCA in Guatemala

CFCA sponsored child Carlos, middle, and his siblings in the hills near their home.

Want to stay up to date with the latest information from CFCA? Are you a social media enthusiast or perhaps a newbie to the online world?

Whatever your classification, we have some great ways to stay updated on CFCA news and stories.
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Aug 27 2013

Games children play in Colombia

Summer is a great time to go outside and just have fun! Children around the world have shared some of their favorite games with us, and today we bring you games from Colombia!

Learn how to play a Colombian version of hacky sack, a coin toss game, and more — Colombia style!

Market day in Guatemala
Aug 26 2013

A fun fair in Guatemala

During the summer, festivals and fairs spring up all over the world offering guests delicious snacks, games, entertainment, and more.

The story is no different in Guatemala, where families of sponsored children come together once a year to create CFCA’s annual Market Day celebration.
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Aug 23 2013

Sponsor visit a ‘gift and blessing’ on Honduras awareness trip

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

“Bob’s notes” are reports from CFCA President Bob Hentzen, who regularly accompanies awareness trip participants. You can see Bob’s full update on his Facebook page.

Photo credits for this report go to Bob Hentzen and the CFCA-Honduras staff.
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Sponsored mother
Aug 22 2013

The inspiring life of Graciela

CFCA in Colombia

Graciela welcomes us to her humble home.

Graciela, her husband and their two girls live on top of a mountain in the beautiful countryside of Cali, Colombia.

It is quiet and peaceful in the rural area where they live.

Graciela’s two daughters, Viviana and Gloria, are sponsored through CFCA.
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