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Mar 25 2011

Guatemalan staff’s daily, wholehearted commitment impresses visitor

Dan Pearson, CFCA’s director of international operations, recently visited the CFCA staff in Guatemala. Here are his reflections about the project there:

What are your thoughts after the team evaluations?

I feel really encouraged by what we have been doing over the past few days.

I think one of the important requirements of Hope for a Family for us as staff is that we have to keep learning and we have to continually look at what we are doing and reflect on what we are doing so that we can do it better.

There is a strong desire among the staff to improve our work and improve our service to the families.

I have been impressed with the staff’s level of commitment, that this is more than a job. This is a calling, a way of life.

Visiting a project really does reinforce one’s commitment to this movement for several reasons.

When you see the families and what they are doing every day and what the parents are doing every day for their kids, it makes what we are doing such a small gift really.

But it also reinforces that this is an honor to be a part of this beautiful effort that the parents are making day after day on behalf of their children.

Dan Pearson in Guatemala

Dan Pearson visits with the CFCA staff in Guatemala.

The staff shows a daily commitment to go long distances to visit homes and become a part of the lives of these kids, and put in long hours and face disappointments that are inevitable in this kind of work.

But the commitment to keep learning, improving and serving with an open heart is just very impressive and humbling.

What are your hopes?

I feel very hopeful that the families can become agents of change in this movement.

Every time the families take on responsibility in this movement, it confirms that they can do it and not only that they can do it, but that they can do it better than we can.

They are confirming that they have a voice in this world and that they, given the chance, can really make changes that we as staff people will never be able to make from the outside.

I feel very hopeful about that partnership thatís always been there but that I see flowering and blossoming in new ways.

I feel that right now in CFCA, we are in a moment of intense growth in that partnership. The staff and families are at a deeper level and appreciate one another and respect one anotherís role.

-Interview by Luis CocÛn, CFCA communications center in Guatemala.