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May 24 2012

Outcome measurement supports learning, program improvement

Melissa Velazquez at CFCA

Melissa Velazquez

How do we know that our sponsorship program is really making a difference?

At CFCA we’re committed to serve those living in poverty. One way we strive to improve our services and programs is through outcome measurement.

Melissa Velazquez is our evaluation specialist at CFCA. She focuses on building the capacity of our international staff to evaluate CFCA programs and communicate their results.

In addition, Melissa designs and implements evaluations across countries and regions that can answer key organizational questions.

Here’s what Melissa had to say about the importance of outcome measurement:

At the organizational level we are learning how policy and programs really effect change and how to guide and invest resources. As the body of information on outcomes grows, sponsors and potential sponsors will benefit from clear and specific data about the change happening in the world as a result of their partnership with CFCA.

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