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Sponsor a child
Jun 6 2013

Sharing hope through Sponsorship Sundays

CFCA Sponsorship Sundays are open to everyone, no matter what your faith background might be.

Whether it’s your first time volunteering or you’re a seasoned volunteer, Sponsorship Sundays give you the opportunity to talk about sponsorship in your own place of worship.

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Unbound volunteers
May 30 2013

An extra pot of rice

CFCA volunteer

From the CFCA archives: Joe Bergkamp and his wife, Nery.

Sharing the table with those living in poverty brought love to Joe Bergkamp’s life and the adventure of a lifetime.

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May 17 2013

How the Taylors know their sponsored friend through ‘love of letters’

Sponsors can travel around the world, experience many cultures and make new friends … all through the pages of a letter! See how CFCA sponsors Steve and Jayne Taylor “met” their sponsored friend, Nathasha, through precious letters, even as they plan to meet her in person this October.

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Elizabeth Alex and her mom
May 13 2013

A mother’s gift

Elizabeth Alex, right, with her mother.

Elizabeth Alex, right, with her mother.

How did you learn about sponsorship? CFCA staff member Elizabeth Alex shares how she first learned about Claudia, her mother’s sponsored child.

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Nyando River flooding
May 9 2013

Kenyan families recovering after Nyando River flooding

Floodwaters are finally receding on the Nyando River in Western Kenya, and CFCA sponsored friends and their families are now safe to re-enter their homes to assess the damage. Thankfully, all emerged physically safe.
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Unbound scholar
May 2 2013

Breaking the chains of poverty through education

CFCA sponsored child Wendy in Guatemala

Wendy, 16, dreams of becoming a nurse someday in Guatemala. CFCA sponsorship has played a key role in enabling Wendy to go to school.

Many families living in poverty must face the difficult choice between keeping their children in school or taking them out early to work and help provide income for the household. Luis Cocon, CFCA communications liaison for Guatemala, visits one family who has put education first in their efforts to build a sustainable path out of poverty.

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Unbound Awareness Trips
Apr 25 2013

World Malaria Day: How sponsorship is making a difference

CFCA sponsor Dave Herbison and sponsored child Moreen in Uganda

David Herbison meets with his sponsored friend Moreen in Uganda in this 2011 photo from the CFCA archives. Sponsorship benefits helped provide for treatment when Moreen had malaria.

Malaria affects the lives of CFCA sponsored friends around the world. Sponsorship can help provide medicine, mosquito nets and malaria prevention information in a supportive environment tailored to each family’s needs.

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Unbound volunteers
Apr 23 2013

CFCA honors volunteers for National Volunteer Week

CFCA celebrates National Volunteer Week by highlighting some interesting new ways to spread the word about CFCA. Whether it’s at a cocktail party or climbing one of the world’s greatest mountains, you can share CFCA just about anywhere!

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Nov 5 2008

Notes from the Field #4 – Honduras

Melissa Velazquez, a mission awareness trip coordinator for CFCA, talks about the support of education in Honduras by CFCA parents.