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Jan 6 2012

Sponsor climbing Mt. Aconcagua in Argentina

Sunrise on Mount Kilimanjaro

Daniel Nguyen took this picture at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro in December 2011. "Watching the sun rise from below the clouds, which are below the top of Kilimanjaro at my feet, was an emotional experience," he writes. "The rich golden sunshine casts a dramatic contrast with the deep blue sky above."

A longtime CFCA sponsor, Daniel Nguyen, is climbing the highest mountain in the Americas ñ Mt. Aconcagua in Argentina!

“At 22,841 feet, it is the second highest of the Seven Summits of the World, only after Mount Everest,” Daniel said. “Outside the Himalayas, it is the highest mountain in the world.”

His mountain-climbing expedition starts in February 2012. He’ll be carrying a flag with the CFCA logo and plans to plant it at the summit as a way to raise awareness of our work. Read more