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Feb 17 2011

Sponsored blind boy develops musical talent

By Veronica Lay, CFCA Sponsor Services

Imagine complete darkness, a life without sight where it is necessary to depend on other senses and other people for help.

This is the life of Milton, a young boy who lives in Guatemala, in the small town of El Rodeo.

Milton singing in Guatemala

Milton sings during a 2010 CFCA mission awareness trip to Guatemala. His mother is holding the microphone for him.

Milton, 11, was born with cancer in his right eye. He underwent surgery to have that eye removed.

Less than one year later, the family learned that the cancer had spread to Miltonís other eye. The only option was to remove it as well.

Left untreated, the cancer could have spread to his brain, and he could have died.

Though he lost both eyes at an early age, Milton has some memories of sight.

ìI could not see much with my left eye, but I did see the moonlight,î Milton said.

After his second surgery, Milton went through eight painful chemotherapy treatments. He became thin, frail and lost all his hair.

The only other person to experience as much pain was Miltonís mother, Ana, who found it extremely difficult to see her son suffer without being able to help him.

ìI thought he was going to die,î Ana said. ìI had to be strong. Öî

Thankfully, Miltonís cancer was treated successfully, but now, he had to face the prospect of living with blindness.

Milton playing the accordion

Milton jams with musicians on an accordion during the mission awareness trip.

On Miltonís fourth birthday, his life was changed forever by a small toy piano his grandfather purchased for him.

Interested in music, Milton started learning to play the piano by listening to the instrument during church. Milton enjoyed playing the piano. When he turned 6, ìthe music started to flow.î

Milton is interested in many instruments and he also likes to sing in church. He has learned how to play the accordion, and, his favorite instrument, the drums.

During a mission awareness trip in August 2010, Milton had the opportunity to showcase his talents.

He told the audience about his condition and his passion for music. His mother was on stage with him, helping with instruments and encouraging him with her presence.

Ashley Boone, a CFCA Sponsor Services representative, witnessed Miltonís musical abilities during the trip. Ashley said that Miltonís performance was remarkable because of the relationship that he and his mother shared.

Milton reading Braille

Milton reads in Braille.

ìYou just knew that she was very involved in his passion for music,î Ashley said. ìThe love his mother displayed for Milton was written all over her face.î

Milton and his family are grateful for the support they have received in the CFCA Hope for a Family program for the past four years.

Sponsorship enables Milton to go to school in his village and attend a special school every other weekend, where he is learning to read Braille. He hopes to become a music teacher one day.

ìI thank God for touching so many hearts of good and generous people that have helped me up to this day,î he said.

Through sponsorship, this young boy was able to find a positive outlet through music. Milton may be blind, but he does not need sight to make his music come alive.

Oct 28 2010

Before and after: How sponsorship transformed one childís life

By Shanxi Omoniyi, CFCA web editor and writer

Milton and Lila Krainbill

Milton and Lila Krainbill

Many of us at the CFCA office in Kansas City know Milton and Lila Krainbill, and those who donít will learn pretty quickly.

Theyíre longtime sponsors and volunteers in Holton, Kan., who serve a delicious lunch to all the Kansas City staff once a year. With the employee head count at just over 130, thatís no easy feat.

But even more amazing are the Krainbillsí pictures showing the progress of their sponsored child, Heidy, in Costa Rica.

Milton and Lila took a vacation to Costa Rica in 2003, and they asked to tour the San Jose project there.

From the moment they met Heidy and her family, the Krainbills knew they couldnít lose contact with this little girl. She was one of eight children in a family struggling to overcome poverty.

The familyís galvanized tin house had gaping holes in the siding that let in rainwater. The children slept on pallets instead of beds.

ìWhen we saw the situation, we just couldnít walk away without taking on another sponsorship,î Lila said.

Seven years later, Milton and Lila returned to find a transformed family.

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