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Aug 14 2012

How sponsors raised an additional $329,000 for CFCA in 2011

Last week we mentioned employer charitable matching gifts and how they work. In 2011 these matching gifts raised an additional $329,000 for CFCA.

This guest post is from CFCA sponsor and volunteer Paula Kiger, who participates in her employerís matching gift program and shares how easy it is for her to double her donation to CFCA each year.

CFCA sponsor donates matching gifts

Paula Kiger and Father Arthur Kirwin, O.P., at a CFCA weekend presentation in Douglasville, Ga.

Less than five minutes a month.

That’s how long it takes to double my contribution to CFCA by participating in my employer’s charitable matching gifts program.

Many employers match donations made by their employees to approved charitable causes.

The first day of every month, I email verification of my donation to CFCA.

Next, CFCA verifies the donation with my employer, who matches my $30 monthly sponsorship contributions.

The $30 from my employer goes to CFCA’s scholarship fund, which helps youth pursuing secondary, post-secondary or vocational training with their educational costs.

If your workplace has a matching gifts program, and you are already a CFCA donor, I hope you will consider this great opportunity to double your donation. Read more