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Dec 30 2009

Walking with hope

Henry Flores, director of the Communications Center in El Salvador, traveled to Guatemala for the start of Walk2gether. Below is his reflection of that first day.

About two years ago, Bob Hentzen, CFCA president and co-founder, announced his desire to walk from Guatemala to Chile. Dreams, plans, logistics, organization, hope and physical training started to be in the minds, souls and bodies of thousands of staff members and families around the world.

Time has gone fast and, yesterday, we began Walk2gether, a pilgrimage of 8,000 miles through 12 countries in Central and South America. At 2:30 a.m., hundreds of people were walking around the halls of the CFCA center in San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala, excited for the pilgrimage to start.

Waking up to the sound of the marimba, traditional music of Guatemala, was fantastic, the vibes of the music touched my heart. As Bob took his first step into the walk, fireworks, firecrackers, flowers, smiles and tears were merging all together into a sense of deep spirituality as sponsors, staff members and CFCA families were connecting to the road, connecting to Mother Nature.

What an inspirational message it was for me to see how the families were coming out of their homes or gathering along the highway to greet Bob and the pilgrims, some other ones were walking for miles and miles with us, and when I was looking at the road ahead of us, I only thought of how much more we need to do, of how many more people we need to reach out to.

The first 25 miles of the walk are finished. There are 7,975 more to go, lots of challenges to be faced on the road, thousands of families to meet, and the promise of the Hope for a Family sponsorship program is carrying us and calling all of us involved in CFCA to continue our mission to help create a path to out of poverty and self-sufficiency for our sponsored families, with dignity and love.