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Feb 26 2013

CFCA supports Operation Breakthrough

Elizabeth-AlexBy Elizabeth Alex, CFCA community outreach and media relations director

There is a special spot in the corner classroom of the “Green Neighborhood” in a place called Operation Breakthrough.

With blue and brown eyes shining, pink and purple hair beads flopping, and big smiles on happy faces, preschool children sang songs, created priceless paintings and cut dozens of artistic paper creations for CFCA staff who had come to visit the child care center and preschool, which happens to be just up the street from CFCA offices in Kansas City.

Operation Breakthrough

CFCA’s CEO, Paco Wertin, left, with his new friend, Andrew, at Operation Breakthrough in Kansas City.

Four-year-old Andrew was particularly eager to make a new friend, immediately slinging his arm around CEO Paco Wertin while CFCA’s Barclay Martin began playing his guitar.

“When you look into those beautiful eyes of the Operation Breakthrough kids, you can’t help but see the children in the countries where we work around the world,” Paco said.

CFCA has made a commitment to benefit 20 children who spend their days in the Green Neighborhood classroom of Operation Breakthrough.

A $15,000 grant will not only fund early education for the children, but will also help social workers provide one-on-one guidance for parents on issues such as housing, job searches and the everyday stress of raising children.

Operation Breakthrough is one place these 3- and 4-year-olds can come to learn, play and be loved in a safe environment, since the world just outside this inner-city child care center can be scary.

One-fourth of the children who arrive at Operation Breakthrough each day are homeless. The sounds of gun shots, police sirens and despairing voices are part of their everyday reality. Read more

Jan 27 2011

Bolivian festival of miniatures a big deal

Walk2gether arrived in La Paz, Bolivia, in time to celebrate Las Alasitas, a local festival with indigenous roots.

Bolivian miniatures
Bolivian miniatures in hand

Here are two Bolivian miniatures, gifts to some of our staff in International. They are about an inch tall and easily fit into the palm of your hand.

Henry Flores, director of CFCAís communication center in El Salvador, spoke by phone with Ruth Valderrama, La Paz project coordinator.

Ruth and the walkers were arriving at the hotel and she did not have much time, but she managed to provide this brief explanation of the tradition.

The Las Alasitas fair is a local tradition that usually starts on Jan. 24 and lasts for about three days. People from all over La Paz and nearby El Alto come to the fair.

The fair is celebrated only in La Paz at the fair center and on the main avenue of El Alto, very close, but higher in altitude, than La Paz.

During the fair, local artisans, mostly indigenous people, make miniatures symbolizing different material wishes people have for the upcoming year.

These wishes can be for a house, a car, etc. People buy a miniature of the item they wish to receive.

There are also miniatures for those looking for a match. Women who want to find the man of their dreams buy miniature roosters. Men looking for a woman buy miniature chickens.

This major cultural celebration has its origins in indigenous Andean traditions. In ancient times, people would present miniatures to Ekeko, a household god of abundance and prosperity.

Many families in the CFCA sponsorship program participate in this local cultural celebration.

To see pictures from the fair, see our Facebook photo album.