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Jul 20 2011

Illinois girl raises money for fishing nets in Philippines

Eleven-year-old Lily Camp, daughter of CFCA sponsors Laura and Chris Camp, will be interviewed tomorrow morning by a radio host in Springfield, Ill., to talk about her project to raise money for her familyís sponsored child.

Lily Camp raises money for fishing nets in the Philippines

Lily Camp with her “Pew Babies.”

Fourteen-year-old Siera, who lives in the Philippines, wrote and told the Camps that her family could not afford to keep her in school.

Siera lives in a remote fishing village, and even with CFCA sponsorship, transportation costs are very high.

Fishing is her familyís sole source of income, but Sieraís father could only borrow an old, worn-out net from a neighbor.

The Camps called CFCA asking what they could do, and learned from the family that the purchase of two fishing nets, costing a total of $235, would significantly increase the familyís income.

Lily then went to Goodwill and bought sheets to make rag dolls called ìPew Babies.î By selling these dolls for $10 apiece, Lily raised money to purchase the fishing nets.

Thanks to her efforts, the fishing nets will boost the familyís income and help keep Siera in school!

Lily and her father are going to WTAX for a 7:40 a.m., in-studio interview with Morning Newswatch host Bob Murray on Thursday, July 21.

We’re so grateful for your generosity and service, Lily! God bless in everything you do.