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Roy does laundry on a weekend visit home from college.
May 1 2015

Laundry on the weekends

Roy does laundry on a weekend visit home from college.

Roy does laundry on a weekend visit home from college.

For many U.S. college students, going home on the weekends to do laundry is a time-honored tradition. The time waiting between loads is a chance to catch up with family, friends and pets, or maybe doing some homework.

Twenty-year-old Roy is from a rural area of the Philippines and is studying education at a nearby university. He is sponsored through Unbound, which helps him meet the costs of attending college. Though he goes home every Friday, and laundry is involved, his weekends look a bit different than those of many U.S. students.

Roy’s weekends are filled with farming and doing other chores in order to earn a weekly income. He returns to school on Sunday afternoon, or sometimes very early in the morning on Monday, to attend class.

When it comes to doing laundry, Roy and his family rely on their surroundings. Their home is located at the base of a mountain. One of the mountain streams provides water and plenty of rocks for washing clothes.

Roy knows how to work hard and applies that to his studies as well as his weekend work. He hopes to be a teacher when he completes his education and is creating more opportunities for himself and his family through his studies.

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Jul 19 2011

Washing laundry by hand in Guatemala

Washing laundry by hand in GuatemalaThink doing laundry is a tedious job? Most women in San Antonio Palopo, Guatemala, do their laundry by hand … in a lake!

Olivia and Juana are mothers of two sponsored children in San Antonio, a community in the hills along Lake Atitlan.

The women carry clothes on their head down a steep hill to the waterís edge. When they finish, they carry the heavy load of wet clothes up the hill and back home.

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