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Sep 28 2011

Joy of the journey: Reflection on 12 years of child sponsorship

By Kristi Sands, CFCA sponsor

  From left are Maria, Kristi Sands and Isabel. Kristi sponsors Maria and Isabel in Nicaragua

From left are Maria, Kristi Sands and Isabel. Kristi sponsors Maria and Isabel in Nicaragua.

I’ve sponsored Maria for 12 years and Isabel for two months through CFCA. They have the same name ó Maria Isabel ó but the younger one goes by her middle name.

Both live in Nicaragua ó a country that 12 years ago I had little interest in and had difficulty pronouncing.

While sponsors aren’t required to write, I knew letter writing would be essential to building a relationship with Maria, my first sponsored child.

Sometimes I was tempted to give up. Communication through letters that CFCA staff members then translate isnít always easy. I felt there were huge gaps in our ability to get to know one another.

Letters took a long time (generally six to eight weeks) to arrive. When I learned that one person does translations for an entire regional project, and that he/she generally translates 30 letters a day, that helped put things in perspective.

So despite the frustrations of not being able to read or write in Mariaís language, I felt inspired to stick it out.

God had given me this precious relationship and responsibility, and I intended to see it through to the end. Gratefully, communication eventually improved.

I didnít know that Maria planned to go to college until she announced she would be studying accounting at a university. She also wants to get her master’s degree and become a CPA.

I tucked that away as something to ask another sponsored child much earlier. I didnít know that college was an option for her, so I never asked what she wanted to do when she grew up. Read more