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Dec 8 2011

Coffee giveaway winner + a slideshow of making coffee

Thanks to everyone who participated in our coffee giveaway! And the winner is Ana Jackson, a CFCA sponsor. She sponsors Valeria in Colombia. Congratulations, Ana!

As a token of our appreciation for all your support, we’d like to show you a special photo slideshow of the Juan Ana coffee process (thanks to Julio Morales, manager of the Juan Ana Coffee Program):

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A little more context

In San Lucas, Guatemala, coffee is harvested from December to March, with most coffee ripening in January and February.

The San Lucas Mission’s Juan Ana Coffee Program buys coffee from 650 small producers in and around San Lucas Toliman.

About 40 percent of these producers are families in the CFCA Hope for a Family program. The program uses no middleman and guarantees a fair price to families.

Coffee is a labor-intensive crop. It takes 500 pounds of ripe coffee cherries to produce 75 pounds of roasted or ground coffee.

A coffee tree will continue producing for about seven years before it is replaced. After the coffee harvest, producers spend the rest of the year tending their trees.

Coffee trees are very particular about their environment. They like nutrient-rich soil with just enough shade.

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