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Sponsored elder in Peru
Jan 8 2014

Sponsored elder in Peru finds hope through letters

Miss Antonia, an elderly woman in Peru, shares a special bond with her sponsor through letters. Her letters help show her that there is someone out there that cares.

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Dec 10 2013

Over $100 million sent directly to field in 2013!

By Martin Kraus, CFCA director of finance

CFCA has never had a goal of being big. We want to be good. Our sponsors recognize the good that’s being accomplished with their donations, and they have helped us to grow to a new level this year!

In 2013, CFCA sent over $100 million directly to our projects in the 21 countries where we work. This is the first year in our 32 year history that CFCA has reached this level of direct support to the field.

This funding makes it possible for a sponsored child to stay in school instead of quitting and going to work to support the family. It provides needed medicine, fitness and social activities for an elderly person who otherwise wouldn’t have any help.

These and many other benefits are provided each year by CFCA through the generous donations of our sponsors. In return, our sponsors have the opportunity to develop a personal relationship with the person they are sponsoring.

Sponsors also have the knowledge that CFCA is exercising good stewardship practices by using over 93 percent of our total expenses for program purposes, with only 3 to 4 percent used for fundraising and 3 to 4 percent for administrative needs.

CFCA was founded in 1981 in Kansas City. Since then, CFCA has sent over $1 billion to our projects around the world to help break the bonds of poverty.

Nov 5 2008

Notes from the Field #4 – Honduras

Melissa Velazquez, a mission awareness trip coordinator for CFCA, talks about the support of education in Honduras by CFCA parents.

Sep 24 2008

Notes from the Field #3 – Madagascar

Cephas Miningou, financial auditor for the Christian Foundation for Children and Aging’s Africa region, talks about a family who lost their home in a fire and the meaning of the CFCA “Community of Compassion.”

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