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Apr 8 2011

Walk2gether finds refreshment in the Atacama Desert

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Bob Hentzen recently wrote to the CFCA headquarters from the road in Chile. You can see the full update on his Facebook page.

It is a joy to be in touch with you and to share with you the stark beauty of this unique part of Godís creation.

With your solidarity, prayers and love, we are making good steady progress through the Atacama Desert, driest place on our planet Earth.

We do what I call 4/40 rotations. This means that we do four consecutive days of 40 kilometers (about 25 miles), followed by a very welcome off-the-road day.

On a non-walking day, we do a variety of tasks: wash clothes, give presentations about CFCA and Walk2gether to groups who invite us, check, repair, clean support vehicles, stock up on supplies and water, catch up on emails and blogs, take a nap and meet the local press.

These days pass oh too quickly, and are sometimes full of activities.

On April 2, I was invited to speak to students and teachers at Instituto Politecnico de Arica, a state-run secondary technical school with eight specialties.

The teachers and students have completely redone our mobile bathroom ñ from the axle and wheel-span up. We paid only for materials.

It is now bigger, with solar biodigestor for solids, urinal for men, wash basin with running water…all designed for a very eco-friendly trip into the desert.

The best part for me is to see a whole class of teenagers ñ so far totally unrelated to CFCA except in heart ñ dig into this practical symbol of our care of walkers and the earth.

Thank you for walking with us. We carry you in our hearts.

Bob from the Atacama Desert, Chile