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Sponsored youth Franco, from Guatemala, rides his bike to and from school.
Jul 4 2016

The freedom of Unbound

Sponsored youth Franco, from Guatemala, rides his bike to and from school.

Sponsored youth Franco, from Guatemala, rides his bike to and from school.

Happy Fourth of July! It’s Independence Day in America, and we are celebrating freedom with fireworks, food, friends and family. But let’s not stop there — what a great time to remember that the freedom we enjoy can help others, and the Unbound community around the world has many freedoms big and small that are worth celebrating.

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Independence Day
Jul 4 2013

When are all the Independence Day celebrations around the world?


Fireworks in Guatemala

July 4 usually means fireworks, outdoor grilling and paying tribute to our blessed country.

But what about Independence Day in the countries where we work?

Read more to find out when Independence Day is celebrated around the world.

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Jul 4 2012

Independence Day: Freedom to love and help others

FireworksToday is Independence Day in the United States!

July 4 gives us an opportunity to reflect on the freedoms experienced by the American people and the still unfolding promise of this richly blessed land.

CFCA is grateful for the U.S., where our community of compassion was born, and for the generosity of her people who, from the beginning, have responded to our invitation to walk in solidarity with those living in poverty throughout the world.

Independence Day reminds us here in K.C. how fortunate we are to live in a country founded on equality and freedom.

We pray:

Gracious God, we ask for your blessings upon America. May the goodness and the diversity of her people shine as a beacon for all who seek to live in peace and justice. May she not rest upon her history but continue to grow in virtue and compassion for the good of all the world. We ask this in your most holy name. Amen.

Jul 2 2010

A prayer for freedom

Prayer Partners header

As Americans prepare to celebrate Independence Day, let us remember those around the world who struggle daily for another kind of freedom: economic freedom.

In CFCA communities around the world, individuals are making sacrifices every day to achieve economic freedom. They are hungry for opportunity and will make heroic efforts to improve life for their families instead of remaining imprisoned by poverty. They walk great distances, study long hours and engage in backbreaking work. They are living examples that the human spirit burns brightly, even in the bleakest of circumstances.

Please pray
Dear Lord, help us to see the blessings and freedoms we enjoy and not take them for granted. Keep ever present in our minds the pleas of our brothers and sisters struggling to break free from poverty. Send your Spirit to work through us to help others develop their talents and become self-reliant. Keep this fire of struggle alive in our hearts until all your people are free from poverty. Amen.


CFCA Prayer Team

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Celebrating freedom

Jul 2 2009

Celebrating freedom

On the Fourth of July, Americans will gather to celebrate Independence Day with fireworks, parades and picnics. Although the United States and the countries CFCA partners with do not celebrate independence on the same date, we share many customs and events.

In Central America, most countries celebrate their independence on Sept. 15 with parades and music. The running of the Central American Freedom Torch from Guatemala to Costa Rica, taking a total of 14 days, reenacts the news of their independence spreading through Central America.

South Americans celebrate with large celebrations, flying flags, parades, fireworks and feasting. In India, all cities have Flag Hoisting Ceremonies run by politicians and other officials. Indian schoolchildren gather to sing songs and watch the hoisting of the flag.

Under colonization, Haitians were forbidden to eat soup, a meal reserved for the upper classes. Now on Independence Day, it is traditional to eat soup to demonstrate the equality of all citizens.

People of the Philippines celebrate their independence with ceremonies, historic exhibitions and memorial events. Festivities begin with a flag-raising ceremony and parade in the historic city of Cavite, where Filipinos first proclaimed their independence.

We would like to encourage you to research how the country your friend lives in celebrates its independence. And from all of us at CFCA, we wish you a safe and wonderful Independence Day.

The Independence Days of the countries CFCA partners with are listed below.

Jan. 1
Feb. 27
Dominican Republic
May 24
June 12
June 26
July 5
July 20
July 26
July 28
Aug. 6
Aug. 15
Sept. 7
Sept. 15
Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua
Sept. 16
Sept. 18
Oct. 9
Dec. 9
Dec. 12


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