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Mar 17 2011

Pizza inspires CFCA sponsor to give for Lent

CFCA sponsor Mary Heinsz writes:

Last year during Lent, John and I decided that our almsgiving would go to CFCA.

We picked “pizza”…and every time we ate pizza during Lent, we rounded up what we spent. At the end of Lent, we sent a check to CFCA for the total.

Pizza is so common to us here, and it could be surprising how much we spend on it in 40 days.

We take the simple act of ordering a pizza for granted. Each time I ordered pizza, I thought about how lucky I am and how easy my life is. Others don’t have that luxury.

Maybe something else works better for another family: trips to McDonald’s, a movie out ó something that you do with ease and take for granted. Use it to help you appreciate what you have, and to give back to others who are less fortunate.

For me, this was a great exercise in what almsgiving for Lent should be. I appreciate how wisely CFCA uses the funds, and how the organization puts so little to salaries and fundraising.

If there is a place to post this so others might think about this idea as a means to give of their bounty for Lent…please post it there!