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May 25 2012

We mourn the passing of a longtime CFCA friend

UPDATE: Read our tribute to Fr. Greg on our website.

We mourn the passing of Msgr. Gregory Schaffer, or “Padre Gregorio” as he was otherwise known, and we also celebrate the gift he was for us.

Father Greg Schaffer Father Greg passed away late May 24 at age 78.

“We thank God for our loving friend and pastor Father Greg Schaffer,” said CFCA President and Co-founder Bob Hentzen in an email.

“Father Greg believed in CFCA from the very beginning. Not surprising ó he had known each of the founders long before CFCA was officially born. … I hold up the beautiful working relationship of CFCA with the parish of San Lucas Toliman as an example of love and respect for our church.”

Father Greg served for many years on the CFCA board and had a longtime ministry in San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala, where CFCAís Hermano Pedro and Atitlan projects are located.

He has lived and served in Guatemala since 1964.

Scott Wasserman, chair of the CFCA governing board, said Father Greg helped remind the board that sponsorship was far more than traditional charity.

It was about forming authentic relationships with families living in poverty, he said.

“When the board became caught up in budgets and policies, Father Greg drew us back to the lives of real people struggling heroically against tremendous odds,” he said. “His theology and work were one and the same.” Read more