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May 16 2011

Youth in Guatemala share postgraduate dreams

Many students living in poverty face extra challenges to complete their education.

In addition to tuition and fees, students may have to work a part-time job to make ends meet. Access to quality schools may be limited. Some students must walk or commute many miles to the nearest school.

Their determination and commitment to finishing school testifies to the fact that education is one of the best ways to break the cycle of poverty.

In late 2010, the Hermano Pedro project in Guatemala celebrated the upcoming high school graduation of sponsored and scholarship students. Of the 246 graduating seniors formally invited, 108 students attended, with parents and CFCA staff proudly supporting them.

Guatemalan youth graduate from CFCA program

Guatemalan students in the CFCA program celebrate their graduation from high school.

Hermano Pedro staff said this was a way to celebrate the studentsí achievements and to reinforce their feeling of belonging to a community that cares about them. It also served as an orientation for their future educational options.

The students heard an inspirational lecture from Lic. Leonel Estrada, who emphasized having clear goals and maintaining purpose in life.

Then Maria Cristina, who was sponsored through CFCA and is now a doctor and surgeon, spoke to the new graduates about her studies, her family’s unconditional support and CFCA’s presence in her life.

PantaleÛn, a graduate and sponsored child for 12 years, identified with Maria Cristinaís testament of CFCAís value.

ìSponsorship has been a great help for me,î said the 19-year-old. ìGod has given me the opportunity to belong to the program, and that is a great blessing for me and for my family. I have received school supplies, food, clothing and many things that have been of great help at home. My parents and I are grateful for all that has been given to us. It is an honor to be in the foundation.î

PantaleÛn studied to be an adjuster during his high school internship and hopes to get a job at a business firm, where he can save enough to one day attend a university and study to be a lawyer and notary public.

During the convocation, awards were presented to the top students. The event culminated with a prayer and a promise to try each day to be a better person.

Feb 10 2011

Honduras project celebrates 125 sponsored members’ graduation

CFCA graduates in Santa Barbara, Honduras

Despite tremendous obstacles, 125 youth sponsored through CFCA and some scholarship students graduated from high school in December 2010.

My name is Manuel Pineda. I am the coordinator in the CFCA project in Santa Barbara, Honduras.

As coordinator, I have witnessed the efforts made by students in my country to reach their educational goals, especially those who live in rural areas.

Students are constantly tempted to drop out of school because of burdens such as economic limitations, lack of support and absence of parents, lack of public transportation to school, insufficient and inadequate nutrition, etc.

Manuel Pineda

Manuel Pineda

In December 2010, our CFCA project in Santa Barbara celebrated the graduation of 125 sponsored members and some scholarship students from high school in areas like business administration, social service, Spanish teaching, tourism and automotive mechanics. Some graduated as technicians in refrigeration, computers and nursing.

Many of these students had to work to cover part of their educational expenses. Others had to walk more than 6 miles to get to school, but with the support of CFCA, they have had the chance to reach their professional dreams.

“I thank CFCA for supporting me since fourth grade up to finishing my high school. When my mother passed away, I did receive economic and spiritual support,” said Nancy, a sponsored girl who graduated from high school after studying business administration.

Parents of Mirta, a sponsored girl and now a computer technician, told us, “We had five children and only Mirta has had the chance to give us the joy of seeing her graduate because we never pictured having this in our life.”

I have been able to appreciate the joy of these parents, a couple in their 70s, to see the success of their daughter, which they consider a family achievement.

The graduated students have demonstrated they are capable, with good behavior and great discipline, once given an opportunity. CFCA helps them to overcome the obstacles that they face daily.

When I reflect on these achievements, I see how CFCA is an active source of hope, helping the sponsored members and their families to be strong and to transform their own realities.