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Sep 15 2009

Growing in our understanding

In this blog entry, Father George Knab, a CFCA preacher, reflects on last Sunday’s Gospel in memory of Jim Hentzen, CFCA co-founder. Monday, Sept. 14 marked the 16th anniversary of Jim Hentzenís death.

By Father George Knab, OMI

Peter grew in his understanding of Jesus. According to Markís Gospel he knew ABOUT Jesus, ìYou are the Christ,î he declared. But to really KNOW Jesus, he had to get up close and personal and learn of the great love that led the Master to suffer greatly, be rejected and killed for the forgiveness of sin.

After he rose on the third day, Jesus sent the Holy Spirit who gave Peter such understanding that he was ready to deny himself, take up the cross and follow Jesus into the kingdom. As Americans, we know ABOUT the poor; we get it on the news. But to really KNOW the poor, up close and personal, we need the sponsorship program offered by CFCA. Blessed with a one-on-one relationship with people living in poverty, we are moved by compassion to deny ourselves and make the sacrifice necessary to share Godís work of providing for what they need.

Thank you, Jim Hentzen and CFCA, for helping me grow in understanding. Now I KNOW the poor; her name is Rael, a 15-year-old girl in Kenya, who is eager to make something of herself with a little help from a friend who is just as eager to make a little sacrifice.