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Sep 15 2011

How to sponsor children and help your church youth group

CFCA fundraiser: Raise funds, raise hopeDo you belong to a church youth group? If so, you might be interested in our new “Raise Funds, Raise Hope” initiative.

“Raise Funds, Raise Hope” helps U.S. church youth groups raise money by finding sponsors for children and aging people waiting for CFCA sponsorship.

Whenever a youth minister or other adult leader schedules this fundraiser for a parish community, we send folders with photos and family profiles of children waiting for sponsorship.

For every sponsor who signs up, the group earns money to support its local programs.

Interested? Visit www.hopeforafamily.org/raisefunds or contact Larry Livingston, CFCA director of church relations, at (800) 875-6564 or at cfcaoutreach@cfcausa.org.

Mar 18 2011

Spanish class raises $100 for sponsored child in Guatemala

By Kristin Littrell, freelance writer

Lauren's Spanish class

Students in St. Joseph Academy’s Spanish class raised $100 for CFCA in one day through a bake sale. The inspiration came from their teacher, Lauren Marquis, who sponsors a child in Guatemala.

Teaching Spanish to middle school students can be challenging, but teacher Lauren Marquis knows how to engage her students.

During a letter-writing unit, Marquis assigned the students a task: write a letter ñ in Spanish ñ to her CFCA sponsored child, Ana, in Guatemala.

As the students worked on their letters, they began to ask questions about Anaís life. They looked at pictures Marquis received and noticed that Ana was standing near a trash heap. Ana’s parents didnít have shoes.

This was eye-opening for the students of St. Joseph Academy, a small rural school in Walton, Ky.

As they learned more about Anaís living conditions and international poverty, the St. Joseph Academy students wanted to help Ana and her family build a better life.

So, on their own initiative, the sixth-grade students organized a bake sale during lunch.

They contributed baked goods and raised $100 for CFCA in one day.

ìI was amazed,î Marquis said. ìI took the money to the bank and it was about seven cents short of $100, so I contributed the seven cents. Iím in awe of these kids.î

Now, theyíre anxious to hear back from Ana. Even the tough eighth-grade boys canít wait to receive a letter back from their new friend in Guatemala.

ìIíll definitely do this assignment again,î Marquis said, ìand maybe next year weíll have another bake sale!î