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Apr 7 2014

Reaching the top

By Elizabeth Alex, community outreach and media relations director

In the summer of 2013, I had the chance to travel to Peru. I was constantly amazed by the sponsored friends and families we met. Here is one of their stories.

It caught my eye first thing. A big pink dresser.

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Jun 20 2011

An exemplary father in the CFCA world

Jose LuisWe hope you had a wonderful Father’s Day!

In honor of fathers worldwide, we decided to share this special story of Jose Luis in the Dominican Republic. His daughters are sponsored through CFCA.

Jose Luis struggled to provide for his familyís needs without leaving them to find work. He was able to stay and find employment after discovering CFCA’s Hope for a Family program.

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Jun 18 2010

For all the fathers

By Natasha Sims, blog admin

I can’t tell you how many times I have started this blog post about Father’s Day, only to delete it and start over. It’s a curious thing to write about fathers. Many of the families we serve, especially in Latin America, are headed by a single mother because the father has abandoned his family. In other cases, wives and children are subjected to abuse by frustrated men who can’t provide for their family.

And, yet, I can’t help but feel guilty for making such sweeping, stereotypical statements about fathers because there are so many loving, gentle fathers who are focused on creating a better life for their family.

So, I decided that, rather than give you one story for Father’s Day to read through the weekend, I would find all the inspirational father stories and anecdotes that I could think of — from the heart-warming to the heart breaking.

Below you will find excerpts and links to stories gathered from our blog and website.


“I am focused on everything I can do to bring up my children with an honest life and to help them graduate,” Daniel Ernesto said. “Once my children are grown and have graduated, I will feel satisfied. Then, I may have a chance to think about me and my life.”
From Focused on his children

Hector has a fierce love for his wife and children. He protects them and ensures that they have what they need. And, education is his first priority. ìSometimes my children help me in my plantation, but school is first, so I work alone most of the time.î
From The courage and love of a father

A man who is still searching the mud for family members said, ìI am going to look for them until I find their bodies. I have lost everything.
From Mudslides devastate towns in the blink of an eye

An ERPAT father named Federico shared his experience in helping Allan, 10, overcome the trauma caused by Typhoon Ondoy.
From Opening the window

El Salvador celebrates Father’s Day. CFCA’s El Salvador Director of Communications Henry Flores shows us how CFCA supports that celebration on this special day.
Watch Celebrating fathers in El Salvador

CFCA fathers groups were instrumental in the response to the typhoons in the Philippines.
From Photos from the Philippines

For Rene, his most important role as a father is sharing the reality of life with his children. This includes ìexplaining the good and bad effects of drinking too much alcohol, behaving as a model in whatever I do, and encouraging my children to study until they earn the highest degree they can,î he said.
From CFCA’s website

Please pray
Our Father, we give you thanks for the men around the world who serve as protectors and guides for their families. Let your strength be their strength, let your wisdom be their wisdom, let your love shine through them. We pray for those men who struggle to fulfill their role as fathers to their children. Help them to know your grace. Bless the bonds of love that exist between all fathers and their families.
From Prayer Partners