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Jun 8 2011

CFCA Sponsorship Wall of Fame on Facebook

Thanks to the support of our Facebook friends, we’ve found sponsors for 35 children and elderly by featuring their profiles on our Facebook page.

Our friends then share these profiles with their family and friends who might be interested in sponsoring.

It’s a fantastic way to spread the news about CFCA sponsorship and help make a difference in childrenís lives!

View the “CFCA Sponsorship Wall of Fame”

Jan 21 2011

Have you noticed the “Share” feature on our website?

Share feature on CFCA website

We’re pleased and proud to give you the option to share our news, stories, videos and podcasts with your friends and family on several online and social media channels.

In the screenshot above from our “Stories” page, you can see the share feature highlighted in red.

Just click on any icon as needed ñ the envelope for email, or the Facebook and Twitter icons.

Thanks for all your support, and for sharing your CFCA experiences with others.

We spend only 2.8 percent of our total revenue on fundraising. Most of the time people hear about us through word of mouth or, as in a growing number of cases, through social media.

Nov 17 2010

We’ve moved our Facebook page!

Facebook page changeWe’ve moved our Facebook page to a new location: www.facebook.com/sponsorachild.

Our previous fan page, while excellent, didn’t have the word “CFCA” in its page name, and a lot of people aren’t finding us. We hope with this new move, we can address that problem and get more awareness on Facebook. Please join and like our new page!

May 25 2010

Welcome, Allie and Sami

We’re very excited to introduce two volunteers, Allie and Sami, who will help out on our Walk with the Poor Facebook page this summer. They will be the ones behind the discussion questions, status updates, comments and more. After you meet Allie and Sami here on the blog, head over to Facebook, and leave a message to welcome them!

Allie Kline
My name is Allie Kline, and I’m a junior communication major at Missouri State University. In my free time, I like to hang out with my friends and family, watch St. Louis Cardinals baseball and read. I’ve been involved with CFCA since 2000. I have been sponsoring Allison in Costa Rica since 2006 and visited her and her family on a mission awareness trip in 2009.

SamiSami Freese
My name is Sami, and I live in Denver, Colo. I’m in between my junior and senior year of high school, and I’m 17 years old. I did speak at NCYC, so those of you who were there, hi again! Those who weren’t, hello for the first time! I’ve been sponsoring with CFCA since I was 8, and I went on a mission awareness trip two years ago. CFCA and sponsorship is a big part of who I am, and I’ve realized I can help those in need. It has been an eye-opening and deeply humbling experience, and I hope to share it with you.

Sep 1 2009

From Facebook to an ‘about-face’

By Lori Richards, CFCA sponsor

I am a mother raising the last of my five children, Annie, age 14. I was becoming increasingly concerned about Annie’s materialistic viewpoint of life. You parents of teens know the deal: the iPods, the laptops, the cell phones … I wanted Annie to have the opportunity to experience the lifestyle of people less fortunate than she and perhaps open her heart and mind to the idea of service to others. I suggested a mission awareness trip to Guatemala to meet my sponsored child, David.

Annie was very sure she would not care to go. She would miss her hair straightener and Facebook contacts too much, not to mention the horror of having to consent to wearing a few clothes that carried the dreadful label of “appropriate dress.” But I put my parental power to use, booked the trip for the two of us and listened to her moan for the next six weeks.

As it turned out, the trip was more meaningful for her than I had dared to hope. I felt blessed each step of the wayófrom the first moment she met and “clicked” with another teenage girl taking the trip, to the culminating moment when she came to me and said, “Mom, I want to sponsor a child.” Bob Hentzen’s gentle spiritual guidance taught her more about the world than nine years of schooling had. Although she and her new mission awareness trip friends could have chosen to play basketball or use Facebook after a long day, they almost exclusively chose to sit in on Bob’s nightly talks and listen to his songs.

Annie is now in the process of putting together a picture collage of her new sponsored child, 2-year-old Shirley. She is eagerly thinking of ways to earn money to help meet the support payments.

Many things about this trip impressed me, but my daughter’s “about-face” attitude toward helping the less fortunate was an unexpected gift from God, channeled through his devout servants, Bob and his marvelous staff. Thank you, CFCA, for helping to shape the lives of young peopleónot only the lives of your sponsored children, but the lives of the teens who are inspired to serve others after participating in one of your trips.

Experience your own “about-face” by going on a CFCA trip.