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Nathalie helps her mother, Martha, make empanadas.
Mar 7 2016

Creating a legacy

Nathalie helps her mother, Martha, make empanadas.

Nathalie helps her mother, Martha, make empanadas.

Colombia has a long history of violence between government forces and militant groups. But increasingly there seems to be hope of a more lasting peace between the Farc rebels and the government, with the possibility that a deal could be signed later this month and the implementation overseen by the UN, according to the BBC. Though peace may be close, the decades-long conflict has created a huge impact, especially for families like Martha’s.

Martha and her family are originally from Antioquia, Colombia, and are part of a large number of internally displaced people.

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Jan 9 2013

How to make empanadas from Colombia (recipe)

empanadas from Colombia

Celina’s empanadas from Colombia … mmm!

Celina is a mother to two sponsored children in Colombia, and for her, empanadas are her livelihood. She took out a loan through her mothers group to start a business selling empanadas and coffee. (Unbound serves more than 22,000 sponsored children and elderly in Colombia.)

Celina used the income from her business to purchase her first home.

Celina shares her recipe with us, and we invite you to try her delicious empanadas. Enjoy! Get the recipe