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Oct 27 2011

India celebrates Diwali, festival of lights

Diwali fireworksBy Sreekanth Gundoji, CFCA communications liaison in Hyderabad, India

Yesterday (Oct. 26) marked the major Hindu festival, Diwali. It is also celebrated today (Oct. 27) this year.

Diwali is the festival of lights. We decorate the home with lights and burn firecrackers.

Children celebrate the festival with joy and happiness. We also distribute candies to wish one another greetings and share happiness.

When we decorate the home with lights, the darkness will go away and we can see our surroundings. And burning the firecrackers and distributing the candies is a form of expressing the joy of victory over evil.

I like the festival very much. Since my childhood, I eagerly wait for the festival because on that day, we get new clothes, burn firecrackers, and get many candies to eat.