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Oct 22 2012

Get your craft on: D.I.Y. collage photo frame


By Veronica Batton, CFCA writer/editor

What’s one thing sponsored friends like to receive more than letters from their sponsors? Photos from their sponsors, of course!

Photos are a great way to show you care. Sponsored friends can look at a photo of their sponsor and know that someone, somewhere, is rooting for them to succeed.

My friend, Thilothammal in Chennai, India, has been asking me for a photo. Instead of sending her a regular photo of my husband and me, I decided to take my craft skills to the next level.

Get ready to love this.

D.I.Y.: Collage photo frame

(Difficulty level: super easy)

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Oct 9 2012

Get your craft on: D.I.Y. friendship bracelet

By Veronica Batton, Unbound writer/editor

I am a huge fan of crafts. If it involves fabric, creativity or hot-glue guns, you can almost guarantee I’ll be crafting it at some point down the road.

When we posted 18 small gift ideas to send in your Christmas card, we received so much positive feedback from our sponsors, I thought it would be fun to start a D.I.Y. (do-it-yourself) tutorial on small craft items to send to your friend.

So, here it is! Unbound’s first D.I.Y. post: 10 steps to a friendship bracelet.
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