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Oct 9 2009

Thank you, Sponsor Services

By Raelene Dietz, Director of Sponsor Outreach

When I am faced with a daunting pile of projects and need a boost of energy, I need only walk a few steps outside my office and listen to any of the 24 voices that can be heard speaking on the phone to our sponsors.

Rico in Sponsor Services
Rico in Sponsor Services

As the voice of CFCA, Sponsor Services is a well-informed, committed team that deals with the various issues of concern to our sponsors. The men and women of Sponsor Services are different from other customer service teams. They must be equipped with the patience to handle the many questions about contributions, the compassion to share difficult news and the spirituality to pray for and with sponsors over the phone.

The topics are many, the results are varied and the goal is singular ñ to help sponsors in a way that shows the thankful respect and care we feel for them.

Speaking with a smile on their faces, (it can be heard, you know), Sponsor Services strives to guide sponsors on their journey of friendship with their sponsored friends. They donít have the answers to every question, but they will do everything they can to help the sponsor, if possible.

Customer Service Week is celebrated nationally, Oct. 5-9. The week was designed to recognize company representatives for the important work they do all year, and to drive customer service awareness and improved service levels throughout the entire organization.

The team of Sponsor Services at CFCA will be celebrating the week as well. They have a variety of team-based activities planned. Silly Hat Day, ë80s Day and International Dress Day are among the spirited plans for the group.

Some member of Sponsor Services: <i>(top row, right to left)</i> Ramiro, Liz, Mary, Linda <i>(bottom row, r-l)</i> Jessie, Raelene

Some member of Sponsor Services on Silly Tie Day: (top row, left to right) Ramiro, Liz, Mary, Linda (bottom row, l-r) Jessie, Raelene

As they celebrate Customer Service Week, this entire team shares a deep commitment to quality sponsor service. We are thankful for that commitment and dedication as we recognize the service they provide!