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May 23 2011

India’s love for cricket

Cricket is the most popular sport in India, which won the Cricket World Cup in April. Many sponsored children spend their summer holidays playing cricket. This report from Sreekanth Gundoji, our communications liaison in Hyderabad, explains cricket fever in more detail.

At what age do most children learn to play cricket?

One frequently finds children as small as 5 years old with a tiny cricket bat and ball playing with their fathers and neighborhood kids.

CFCA sponsored children celebrate the Cricket World Cup in India

Sponsored children in India celebrate after their country won the Cricket World Cup.

Do girls play cricket?

Yes, but it is not as popular as with boys. In 1978, the Indian women’s cricket team started playing at international, professional events such as the Asia Cup and World Cup.

Do sponsored children have the opportunity to go to a cricket game? Does the project offer any recreation related to cricket?

Many sponsored children are passionate about cricket. Some of them play on school teams. Several of our older children had represented the Andhra Pradesh state for the league matches.

CFCA does not promote cricket directly, but our staff members encourage children to play in their neighborhood. Bhaskar, a CFCA scholar, has taken the initiative to teach cricket to children in his neighborhood. (Read Bhaskar’s story.)

Where do children play?

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