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Mar 31 2017

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Unbound's mobile Facebook page.
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Unbound staff member writing a letter.
Dec 21 2016

An encouraging word

Why letters matter to sponsored friends

Unbound employee Loretta writes a letter to her sponsored friend.

Loretta Shea Kline, a sponsor and Unbound managing editor, writes a letter to her friend, Dinesh, in India.

By Loretta Shea Kline, managing editor at Unbound

I write for a living and know the hardest part of writing anything— this blog post, a story for our Living Unbound magazine or a letter to my sponsored friend — is getting started.

We tell sponsors all the time that writing to their sponsored friends is easy. While tools such as mailing labels and eLetters make the process of sending a letter easier, crafting words to go on the paper or screen is never easy.

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A group of sponsored youths in Guatemala make Christmas cards to send to their sponsors.
Dec 14 2016

Letters are a gift of time and thought

A group of sponsored youths in Guatemala make Christmas cards to send to their sponsors.

A group of sponsored youths in Guatemala make Christmas cards to send to their sponsors.

At this time of year sponsors often ask us, “Do you have any suggestions for what I can give my sponsored friend for Christmas?” As a matter of fact, we do, and all it will cost you is a wee bit of your time. OK, that and an international postage stamp.

Write your sponsored friend a letter.

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Kintana Telo drum.
Mar 25 2016

Unbound families share their talents through song

Voices of Unbound: Madagascar
In 2014 several groups of musicians from our Antsirabe program in Madagascar were invited to record their music for the first Voices of Unbound CD. The Voices of Unbound: Madagascar CD was created to celebrate the talent and culture of our Unbound community while increasing awareness of the Unbound program. Below, Rovah, a staff member from our Antsirabe office, and Lydia, a mothers group member and musician, share their stories of participating in the music project. You can listen to the recordings online at unbound.org/music.
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Feb 15 2011

Make an impact for CFCA in 30 seconds

People want to donate to a worthy cause and often rely on a personal referral to help them choose the charity. A great way for CFCA sponsors to provide that personal reference is through something called an ìelevator speech.î

Volunteers Dick and Daffy Shaw

Volunteers Daffy and Dick Shaw present a sponsorship folder to a friend.

An elevator speech is a message you can deliver in the amount of time it normally takes to ride an elevator between floors ñ about 30 seconds.

Itís a way to gather your thoughts about a cause that is important to you and be prepared to respond to those who want to help.

For example, Maine resident Nancy Hill decided to become a CFCA sponsor because of a 30-second conversation with a FedEx delivery person on a routine stop.

The delivery person casually mentioned her sponsorship and invited Nancy to check out CFCA. Nancy did, and soon afterward became a sponsor.

Take a moment to write a sentence or two answering these three questions:

  • What is the problem?
  • How does CFCA help solve this problem?
  • What can the listener do to help?

This is your elevator speech. Hone it by practicing it aloud until it feels natural and comes from your heart.

You can inspire someone to learn more about the benefits of sponsorship just by mentioning that you are a sponsor. And it only takes 30 seconds of your time!

Example: “Poverty isnít just difficult, itís dehumanizing and doesnít give people the chance to live up to their God-given dignity. Being a CFCA sponsor gives me the opportunity to be part of the solution and gives my sponsored child a chance to live up to their true potential. If you want to be part of the solution, please look at the folders I have and sponsor a child, youth or aging person in need.”

Sample of a message to share in an email†or through social media: “Christian Foundation for Children and Aging is an international sponsorship organization that helps families living in poverty in 22 developing countries.

I am a CFCA sponsor and I really like knowing that my monthly contribution of $30 provides basic necessities for my sponsored friend and family while helping them create a better future.

Helping someone through sponsorship costs less than $1 a day, or the cost of a cup of coffee. If you have ever thought about sponsoring someone in need, I encourage†you to take a look at CFCA by visiting their website at†www.hopeforafamily.org and choosing a child to†sponsor online.”

Want to share your elevator speech with us? We’d love to hear from you! Feel free to comment on this post about how you describe CFCA and its work to your friends and family.